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Bigsur dmg downgrade gone wrong | #macos | #macsecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Hi all, new here, could really use some help…
I’m currently using a 2017 256G 13inch MacBook Pro, and I upgraded to Monterey right after its release (a very dumb decision in hindsight). Aftering playing around with the new features, I decided to downgrade back to Bigsur because of app compatibility issues that were unlikely to be solved in the near future.

I followed a Youtube (YT) tutorial and got a thumb drive with the os, but didn’t use Time Machine (TM) for the backup as I did not have the external drive space for that(cuz that would require me to format my 2T drive that contained stuff I had no where else to relocated ). Instead, I used the byte-to-byte functionality of DiskDrill to create a dmg file, and I then saved it to my external drive.

The downgrade process went smoothly until I realized that this dmg file that I saved can not be recognized by Migrant assistant, which meant that I had to manually dissect the file’s content of my user data (files, apps, preferences, and etc) to Monterey. This was rather simple to do as I just had to copy the user and application folder to my “new” disk, but major problems began to emerge after I restarted from security boot to reset user disk permissions (I used [diskutil resetUserPermissions] with the response of most but some of the permissions were resetted, the home directory is among those that didn’t.):

  • User login screen had a monochrome black background
  • upon my first login it prompted me that my previous keychain was not accessible
  • some of the keys are disabled (not the physical keyboard as I hooked up an external one that also did not work)
  • Only some of my user preferences were migrated, including wallpapers and gesture settings, but not things like how the finder settings and desktop organizations, Those returned to vanilla settings. Omnifocus retained its task data but lost its user preferences. This is a trend that is mostly consistent with other apps like smooze or pdfpenpro (this is my biggest grievance really)

Is there anyway to smoothly transition with a dmg, currently in heavy lockdown so storage devices won’t be coming in the near future, a TM version of this won’t be likely.

Huge thanks in advance!!!

The other options would just be to restore back to my original state with Monterey, but its a last resort now because of all the efforts I have already put forth.

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