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Woman shares hack for shopping at Costco without paying membership fee | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacking | #aihp

Weird But True


Did you know you can shop at Costco without a membership? Here is how! #costco #shoppinghacks #giftcards #savingmoney #shoppingtips

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BRB, just going to Costco because we just found out you can shop there without a membership!?

Who would have thunk?

The bulk-buying supermarket is almost synonymous with its $60/year fee, but one savvy TikToker has now let the world in on a little-known fact. 

You don’t actually have to fork out anything in order to gain access to the shop. 

And while many Costco apologists argue that you definitely get bang for your buck, if you could avoid the membership altogether… why wouldn’t you?

The hack was revealed by the TikTok account @littlebirdie_toldme, which shares shopping tips and tricks to save you money (instantly followed.)

“Do you want to shop at Costco without the membership?” the woman in the clip asks and yes, yes we do.

She then explains that Costco offers “shop cards” to non-members which are like gift cards that can be loaded with any amount from $25 to $999.

They can be used to shop for any services, merchandise or even a Costco membership.

She explains that Costco offers “shop cards” to non-members which are like gift cards.

But there’s a catch.

These shop cards need to be purchased by an existing member and they also can’t be used online or at petrol stations.

People still rave about the shop cards on the Costco website, with some saying they’re a ‘game changer’ for shopping without the commitment. 

The shop cards can be used to pay for any services, merchandise or even a Costco membership.

“I am so happy that Costco offers non-members Costco shop cards. I give these to friends as a gift so they can give Costco a try without committing to a year-long membership. They all tell me they’re easy to use too,” one customer wrote.

Another said: “Our daughter sent us a Costco card and I was won over and am now a full member!”

It comes after the Little Birdie TikTok account shared another hack that will help you save at another budget retailer. 

In a video titled, ALDI’s best-kept secret, the account shared a hypothetical role-play between two people.

Woman 1: “What day do you shop at ALDI because you are always raving about their amazing specials?”

Woman 2: “ALDI puts out new deals on fresh produce, meat, fish and pantry foods every Wednesday!”

“It’s also the same day that the ALDI find section has new deals and gets restocked.”

Woman 1: “That makes so much sense, I’ve been shopping on Tuesdays and everything’s gone!”

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