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WEST AKRON: A woman was arrested for theft and banned from two businesses in the 700 block of West Market Street Aug. 19 after she reportedly took two food orders that were not hers from one business and filled a water cup with soda without paying at a neighboring business, and also allegedly stole money from a tip jar. Police found her carrying two bags of food that had other people’s names on them.
A man reported he dropped his bag during a scuffle outside a West Market Street business Aug. 20 and when he got it back his gun was missing.
On Aug. 20, a Dorchester Road woman reported she responded to a message about an account she did not have and spoke to a man who kept her on the phone for hours and convinced her to pay him $8,500 via two phone payment applications.
A man banned from a Vernon Odom Boulevard restaurant for harassing customers was arrested at the business Aug. 21 and taken to the Summit County Jail for trespassing and warrants for trespassing.
A Valdes Avenue woman reported Aug. 21 her vehicle was stolen the previous night. Police determined it had been involved in a hit-skip accident and towed to an impound lot.
On Aug. 21 a neighbor reported she saw a woman with a can of gasoline enter a Hall Street residence of her child’s father and pour gasoline on his bed, clothing and other areas. The neighbor confronted the woman before she lit them and she left. The victim declined charges of attempted arson and burglary.
Police investigated thefts from vehicles in the 300 and 500 blocks of Fernwood Drive Aug. 24, when a wallet and firearm were stolen.
During the night of Aug. 25, someone fired a bullet that shattered the front window of a store in the 500 block of West Market Street.
A man reported he was at a park in the 900 block of Nome Avenue Aug. 26 when a man began shooting and struck him in the back. He called his brother to take him to a hospital and declined to provide information to police at the time.
On Aug. 26, police reviewed video surveillance from outside a Schocalog Road school after a corner of the building and a long, vertical pipe had been spray-painted.
Police investigated the theft of a vehicle from a parking lot on North Rose Boulevard Aug. 26 between 2 and 6 a.m.
A Winton Avenue man reported an unwanted guest at his home Aug. 26. Police determined the man was wanted on five felony warrants in Summit County. He claimed he had taken an overdose of fentanyl and EMS transported him to a hospital. Police advised deputies of his whereabouts.
A woman who had been banned from a West Market Street store was arrested for theft and trespassing Aug. 26 after reportedly concealing items and leaving without paying for them.
Police investigated the attempted burglary of an apartment in the 1700 block of East Waterford Court Aug. 27. Residents reported seeing a man outside the window and found it was open and the screen had been removed, but there was no entry.
During a traffic stop on Portage Path Aug. 27, police observed an open bottle of liquor on the passenger seat. The driver reportedly removed a can from his pocket and when police questioned him, he denied knowing anything about it. Police located the can and several rocks of crack cocaine, which he reportedly admitted he attempted to hide. He was charged with felony drug possession, tampering with evidence and possession of paraphernalia and taken to the Summit County Jail, after police recovered a smoking device and crack pipe from the vehicle, which was towed.

BATH: Police on patrol Aug. 18 noticed a man walking on property from which he had been banned and arrested him for trespassing and on multiple warrants for theft and trespassing.
On Aug. 20, police stopped the driver of a vehicle with no tail lights that also had extensive damage to the front and side and a driver’s side air bag that had been deployed. The driver appeared confused and was uncertain whether her vehicle had been involved in a crash. She failed a field sobriety test, her BAC tested .156 and she was charged with DUI.
A woman reported Aug. 20 her son’s cellphone and other items were taken while he was at a high school football game and when she tracked the phone it indicated it was at an address in Cuyahoga Falls, where police went and spoke to a school official. That person stated he was given the phone and items by a Woodridge High student who found them and planned to give them to the student on the following Monday. Police advised the parent that the items would be returned at school.
A Woodsmill Road man reported Aug. 22 someone used his Social Security number to apply for a driver’s license. Police advised him to contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to ensure that a license was not issued.
Employees of a Medina Road store reported Aug. 23 two women filled a basket with merchandise and left the store without paying for them in a gray Lincoln MKT, with a temporary license taped in the back window. Police were reviewing video surveillance of the incident.
Police responded to a disturbance involving two motorists on Arbour Green Drive Aug. 23 and spoke to both. A man said the driver of a Jeep sideswiped his vehicle as he drove on North Medina Line Road, he followed her until she stopped and confronted her. Police observed signs of impairment and she failed a field sobriety test, her BAC tested .178 and was charged with DUI.
On Aug. 24, a caretaker for a county agency alerted police to an incident involving two clients that occurred on a bus at a rest area on Interstate 77. Officers completed a report to be forwarded to the agency.
The manager of a landscaping business on North Cleveland-Massillon Road reported Aug. 25 a trailer, hitch and two lawn mowers were stolen from the business by someone who also attempted to pry open the door of a shed on the property.
A Bath Hills Boulevard woman reported Aug. 26 someone used her identity to open a wireless phone account in Pennsylvania and have herself added as an authorized user of her checking account, from which she withdrew money.
On Aug. 27, police assisted the Fairlawn Police Department as they responded to a report that a man brandished a gun at a mall department store and fled. Officers assisted with crowd control and a search for the person, who was located by Fairlawn police and arrested.

COPLEY: On Aug. 22, police responding to a road rage incident involving a gun on state Route 21 spoke to a driver who said a man driving a silver Chevy Cruze pointed a gun, fired a shot that struck the side of his vehicle and left. Officers searched the area and did not locate the other driver.
Police stopped a driver for speeding on SR 21 Aug. 23, and charged him with possession of a jar of marijuana found in the vehicle.
An employee reported Aug. 25 two women concealed merchandise in their bags and left a Copley Road gas station without paying for them.
Police investigated the theft of items from a vehicle parked in the lot of a Copley Road apartment complex Aug. 25.
At 12:45 a.m. Aug. 25, police responding to a report that an erratic driver crashed into a pole in the parking lot of a Medina Road bar found the driver sitting in the vehicle. The driver stated he was drunk, failed a field sobriety test and his BAC tested .251. He was charged with DUI and police notified the owner of a damaged vehicle, who was inside the business.
Police went to Flight Memorial Drive Aug. 26 after a woman reported an acquaintance of her ex-boyfriend continues to send her unwanted photos and text messages despite being blocked. Police attempted to contact the acquaintance at the numbers she used and stated she is using an application to change her phone number and keep sending unwanted messages. The victim could only provide a first name and police advised her to find her last name so they could contact her.
Officers apprehended a shoplifter in the parking lot of a Medina Road store Aug. 27, returned the merchandise to the store and charged the man with theft for taking $821 in items.
On Aug. 28, police and EMS responded to a suspected drug overdose at a Montrose West Avenue hotel, where an unresponsive man was given Narcan, resuscitated and transported to a hospital.
An erratic driver stopped on Copley Road Aug. 28 exhibited signs of alcohol consumption, failed a field sobriety test, his BAC tested .162 and he was charged with DUI.
An abandoned unlicensed vehicle blocking merge lanes of SR 21 and Interstate 77 was towed Aug. 29.

FAIRLAWN: Police stopped a driver for speeding on West Market Street Aug. 20 and questioned him and a passenger about the odor of marijuana in the vehicle. The passenger reportedly attempted to sprinkle loose marijuana on the ground as she exited the vehicle and police recovered two marijuana cigarettes from her and charged her with possession.
Employees of a mall store reported Aug. 21 a woman concealed an item and left without paying for it. Police charged the East North Street woman with theft and advised her she is banned from the store.
Security officers called police to a mall store Aug. 22 after a man reportedly concealed $90 shoes and left without paying for them. The Ravenna man was arrested for theft, banned from the mall and released to Summit County sheriff’s deputies on a warrant for drug possession.

NORTON: Police responded to Collier Road Aug. 19 after a man reported his neighbor placed shrubs and debris on his property. Police observed the neighbor was working on a vehicle that was less than 150 feet from a Warren Avenue residence that borders his backyard, where the resident had a protection order prohibiting the neighbor from being in contact with him. The neighbor stated the order was no longer active, but police told him to leave the area until it could be verified. When police verified that the order was still active, they signed a warrant for the neighbor’s arrest for violation of a protection order.
A South Cleveland-Massillon Road woman reported Aug. 19 the tailpipe of her vehicle was cut by someone who attempted to steal the catalytic converter. She found a saw blade, and a neighbor said she heard a grinding noise at 5:30 a.m. and went to her front porch, where she saw two men near the victim’s vehicle. They left in a light-colored, four-door sedan when they saw her.
Also on Aug. 19, police investigated the burglary of a Sherman Street residence. A woman showed police video surveillance of her daughter kick in the door and leave in a vehicle belonging to a man. Police entered information about the vehicle into a national database, and the Barberton Police Department recovered and returned it to the victim and arrested the woman for receiving stolen property. A legal advisor declined burglary charges because the woman had lived at the residence periodically and receives mail there.
A Carillon Drive woman reported suspicious activity at her home and with her electronic devices Aug. 20 and asked police to advise her ex-boyfriend not to contact her or come to her home. He agreed and asked police to advise her of the same regarding contact with him.
Police responded to reports that a driver was passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle parked beside a pump at a Wadsworth Road gas station at 5:30 a.m. Aug. 21. Police were unable to wake the driver, who exhibited signs of alcohol consumption, and EMS responded and woke the man, who reportedly stated he had about “a thousand drinks.” He was unable to complete a field sobriety test and his BAC tested .181 and was charged with DUI and driving under a DUI suspension.
A woman reported her young son was followed while he rode his bike home from school by someone in an older-model, light blue vehicle Aug. 23. She stated described the driver as a man in his 20s with short or shaved black hair. The boy went into a driveway near Beech Row to get away, but the man followed him into the driveway. The child rode his bike through backyards to a friend’s house, where he called his mother. Neighbors stated their children were riding bikes in the area of Gardner and Parkway boulevards Aug. 22 and also were followed by the same man. Police advised the woman and her son to call 911 if they see the vehicle again.
Police investigated a July 23 report by a man who stated he saw his trailer stolen from a North Cleveland-Massillon Road location a year ago being driven and followed it to Fairlawn. He provided police with a license plate number.
Officers cited a Grenfall Road man for open burning Aug. 24 after firefighters found him burning a television, which created toxic smoke and odors from burned plastic and wires.
On Aug. 24 police investigated theft of 1,800 square feet of vinyl siding from a construction site on Steeb Drive.
A contractor reported Aug. 24 a company truck was stolen from a construction site on Golf Course Drive. Police determined the truck had been recovered the previous night after it had crashed into a ditch on Easton Road. The unoccupied vehicle had been towed and the company sent the driver to pick it up. He reported his wallet, which had been in the vehicle, was missing.
The manager of a Wooster Road business reported Aug. 24 the driver of a late-model black Chevy truck dumped a couch in the parking lot the previous night.

RICHFIELD: Police attempted to stop a vehicle on Kinross Lakes Parkway Aug. 15, but the driver sped away onto Interstate 77. Police ended the pursuit at I-480 and requested assistance from the Maple Heights Police Department in locating the vehicle owner at his residence.
A Hawkins Road woman reported Aug. 17 she received a message stating her contract with a computer security service was being renewed at a charge of $223 and the agent needed new credit card information. The woman stated she told the man she has no contract with the company. Police advised her to monitor her banking and credit card information.
Police patrolling I-77 Aug. 18 stopped a driver for speeding 87 mph in a 65-mph zone, confiscated a vial of mixed pills, along with a knife, and released the woman to the Akron Police Department on a domestic violence warrant.
A Brushwood Road man reported Aug. 19 someone used his identity to file a federal income tax report.
On Aug. 20, police responded to reports that two dogs roaming in the area of Brecksville Road repeatedly entered a neighbor’s property. Police went to the dog owner’s home and advised him to keep the dogs confined or he could face criminal charges.
Police responded to the 2500 block of Medina Line Road Aug. 20 after a man reported he interfered in an argument between his sister and her boyfriend that was turning physical and the boyfriend knocked him to the floor and fled. The man and his sister asked police to tell the man to leave and not return. Police stood by while he gathered some belongings and transported him to a location to wait for a ride.
The police reports were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

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