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“This is a commercial flight”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroys ‘Miserable’ Critic for Falsely Claiming He Went to Climate Change Conference on Private Jet | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #hacking | #aihp

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a lot of things in his career. He was a 90s Hollywood action star and delivered mega hits like Predator and The Terminator. Later on, he became California’s governor and then later in his life, became a staunch advocate regarding human rights issues and climate change.

Schwarzenegger has always been the one to walk the talk. He recently attended the AWS (Austrian World Summit) in Vienna and tweeted a picture of him traveling in a plane. That one picture caused a major meltdown of critics who accused the actor of being a hypocrite.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Criticized For Traveling In A Plane 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The AWS is held every year to promote awareness about climate issues. The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative (SCI) website says that it provides “a platform for highlighting concrete solutions and measures from global decision-makers committed to preserving a healthy planet and decarbonizing the economy by 2050.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger founded the SCI in 2017 after advocating for greener policies during his term in California’s office. But when the actor tweeted that he was on board a plane to attend the Vienna-based summit, people weren’t pleased. Here’s the tweet:

Many said that the actor traveling in a private plane that contributed immensely to carbon emissions to attend a climate conference seemed tone-deaf at best and hypocritical at worst. One commentator said, “There is no climate emergency and all the private jets prove they all know it.” To this, Schwarzenegger replied that he was traveling on a commercial flight. The actor tweeted:

“This is a commercial flight – I truly hope you don’t go around making things up to be angry about all the time. I don’t want you to be that miserable.” 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Another critic said, “So that private jet of yours… running on solar power, huh? It’s the hypocrisy that’s pissing people off.” The action star replied that people shouldn’t look for nonexistent reasons to be online and mad. He said:

“Once again. This is a Lufthansa commercial flight. Before you spend all day on Twitter looking for fake reasons to be mad, spend a few minutes looking in the mirror and figuring out the real reason you’re upset. Work on it. Do the reps. Be uncomfortable. One day you’ll thank me.” 

Even with all the complaints, the Conan the Barbarian star wasn’t bothered. In fact, he met every criticism with a strong answer while still advocating for his cause.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Remained Calm And Schooled Online Trolls 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Apart from people questioning the credibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commitment to climate change, many also asked why does he have an issue with energy companies? The comment said, “What’s wrong with energy companies? Why do you hate them? You probably use more of their product than 99% of people on Earth.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

To this, The Terminator star replied that he has no hate towards them, but he wants to further the sustainability conversation. He tweeted:

Hate? I don’t hate anyone. We wouldn’t be where we are without fossil fuels. But now we know pollution is awful for our health and we have safer, cheaper, alternatives.”

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At last, the actor himself quote tweeted an article where the headline basically said that he was giving it back to his critics as good as he was getting. But the star explained that he wasn’t doing anything as such and only wanted to provide a learning experience. Here’s the tweet:

The AWS has begun and Arnold Schwarzenegger has mentioned that he will be tweeting about it. The entire event will be streamed on his YouTube channel.

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