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Stranger Things 4 Brings Back Dustin’s Girlfriend Suzie | #computerhacking | #hacking | #hacking | #aihp

While Stranger Things usually focuses on the teens in Hawkins, Indiana, one of the show’s best characters is Dustin’s girlfriend, Suzie. She was the biggest hero in the third season, helping the gang seal the rift to the Upside Down under Starcourt Mall. This was also a major win for Dustin because everyone thought the girl he met at camp was fictional.

In that finale, the internet lapped up their exchange as they sang the theme song for The NeverEnding Story, showing the series could have cute teeny-bopping romance as well as action and horror. Interestingly, while many assumed Suzie might have just made a cameo via phone as she was still in Utah, she returned in Stranger Things Season 4 and once more delivered much-needed intel for the guys.

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What made Suzie so intriguing was how she could put up with the geeky Dustin. He sometimes annoyed the gang, even his mentor Steve. But Suzie knew how to tame him, bringing out the fuzzy, caring side while still propping up his nerd cred due to their mutual love of math. In fact, when Suzie sent over the figure for Planck’s Constant via ham radio last season, that’s what allowed Hopper and Joyce to shut the Russian technology down and save the town.

In Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, Suzie’s role was much more direct, as Mike, Will, Jonathan and their pizza-delivery buddy, Argyle, needed her assistance. Mike went to California to visit Eleven, only to get swept up in another governmental conspiracy. Eleven was taken to Nevada so her powers could be rebooted, which resulted in Mike’s crew being put under house arrest at the Byers’.

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Unfortunately, a firefight broke out when folks hunting Eleven visited, which resulted in the teens using Argyle as an escape route. Luckily, Mike discovered a phone number from one of the agents’ pens and then realized it wasn’t a phone they were calling but a computer. They needed a hacker, so they decided to drive to Utah to find Suzie, knowing she hacked their school and changed Dustin’s awful Latin grade.

When they got there, though, Suzie’s Mormon household was a chaotic circus. Her siblings were causing mischief, and, to make it worse, her religious dad seized her computer after learning of her hacking. However, with the fate of the world at risk again, they used her siblings as distractions and snuck into the father’s room, where Suzie used her skills on the internet to decode that their target was in Nevada.

She printed out the coordinates, which are most likely for the new lab Eleven’s at. The season ended with Suzie finding Argyle and her older sister, Eden, smoking weed in the van, leaving fans wondering if they’ll rebel and go with the guys when Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 premieres. Either way, she provided the key for Mike and Eleven to reunite, which could make the latter even stronger for when she has to face Vecna back home, reiterating how valuable Suzie is.

Season 4 Vol. 1 of Stranger Things is streaming now on Netflix. Vol. 2 will release on July 1.

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