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Bangkok, Thailand , Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Mertverse Driven by Hackers

HackerTown is a metaverse-based game platform that uses WEB3 and NFT technology. The game revolves around a city scene that gathers many hackers to show hacking skills and complete hacking missions.

GameFi: The DeFi World-Make Money
NFT gamification combines blockchain technology with traditional game features like point scoring, competitiveness, and rules of HackerTown NFT gaming is quite simple to understand even for beginners. Players hold NFTs which are their identities and computers to challenge and earn rewards. DeFi is applied to applications and game-related tasks, resulting in a “play-to-earn” environment. Winning a game or engaging in in-game activities. At HackerTown platform, Hackers show hacking skill and complete the hacking missions to earn tokens. The most distinguishing feature of HackerTown is that it is profitable and guarantees increasing return. It takes in the GameFi’s primary value which is based on the Play to Earn model. HackterTown aims to, with more and more players participating, exponentially increase the revenue, generating increased returns on investment for the players.

HackerTown and Web 3.0 Technology: Overcoming the Problem with GamiFi
GameFi has some hard-hitting facts: the first and foremost is the difficulty of generating value for gamers. Players earn NFTs or cryptocurrency through a game, there is a question of value and what they should do with their gains. HackerTown has an easy time expressing the worth of gaming rewards, especially considering the game’s real-world relevance.

The use of WEB3 is a distinguishing factor of HackerTown from other projects. WEB3’s goal is to decentralise the internet, which is critical for GameFi in warding off real-life hackers. This is integral to address, WEB3 gives players control over their data and identities. This cutting edge-technology provides HackerTown an advantage ensuring safety and security in the ecosystem.

The Developer of HackerTown quotes: “This game is not the first of its kind, however, we aim to address what the problem is among these types of games, such as playing experiences and human centricity in the game.”

DEX: Players are the Prime Holders and Authoritative of their Finances
HackerTown project’s motto is to empower and back their players. To ensure they have access to what is there. HackerTown players can transfer their winnings to a wide range of decentralized exchanges, DEX using Arken, a DEX aggregator that covers all major and minor crypto marketplaces and is powered by an algorithm that optimizes for energy efficiency while seeking out the best transaction rates. Users of HackerTown will be able to use this user-friendly platform, and with Web 3.0 backing them up, they can expect a smooth earning experience.

Receive a rare NFT: Earn Big
To make things even more interesting, HackerTown is providing once in a lifetime opportunity for all interested Gamera dn NFT investors to join, play and have a greater chance to receive a rare NFT that can multiply their chance to have exponential return on investment.
It is a one player mode where users will earn, play, buy, and sell in HackerTown through individual transactions, making it easier to follow and excellent for beginners to this new genre of gaming.

HackerTown: Understanding the Game
It is essential for players to gather and assemble parts of the computer to produce a working machine capable of carrying out these heists, which costs 0.2 BNB. The parts obtained are all NFTs, trading and selling them in-game is a means to earn real money. There are three levels of computer parts (RAM, CPU, storage, and motherboard): common, rare, and legendary. The typical lifespan of common and rare parts is predicted to be one month, whereas legendary parts would last three months. Each computer part will require a specified amount of electricity, expressed in units per hour, based on its specifications. For each of the four sections of a computer, a player will require electricity units each hour. HackerTown, the in-game currency, is required to purchase electricity. HackerTown’s value swings in relation to the US dollar over time, much like conventional cryptocurrencies.

The team of HackerTown shared: “”Right now, we are open for early birds who want to have a higher chance of getting a high level of item and a higher chance of having a higher return.”

For more details and information, visit: HackerTown Whitepaper

About HackerTown
The Hacker Town is a hackers driven play to earn metaverse using WEB3 and NFT Technology to empower gaming experience on Virtual Hacker World.


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