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Picard Season 2 Episode 5: The Biggest Star Trek Easter Eggs | #android | #security | #hacking | #aihp

Sadly, the Borg Queen doesn’t do any fancy (or hilarious) long numerical statements like that, but she does imitate several voices of the crew, including Picard, Jurati, and, eventually, Rios. This toggling of different voices is probably a deeper cut to the original series episode, “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” in which the ancient android Ruk, easily imitates the voices of Nurse Chapel and Captain Kirk. 

Gary Seven

As hinted at in the previous episode, Tallinn (Orla Brady) is part of the same organization of “Supervisors,” that Gary Seven was a part of in “Assignment: Earth.” Picard says, “Kirk’s Enterprise crossed paths with a human called Gary…Gary Seven!” Tallinn vaguely nods at this reference, which could imply that she either knew Gary Seven or was aware of that incident.

Tallinn also mentions that she “doesn’t like time travelers,” which echoes Gary Seven’s disapproval of Kirk and Spock hanging around in 1968 in the TOS episode  “Assignment: Earth.” In that episode, Gary wasn’t exactly assigned to watch over one person, but like Tallinn, he was assigned to prevent any interference in the timeline from melders. However, in “Assignment: Earth,” it was eventually revealed that Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise were (probably) part of some kind of predestination paradox because history seemed to record everything happening exactly as it happened in the episode.

What Picard has established is that the Supervisors were embedded in Earth to a much greater extent than “Assignment: Earth” revealed. The only question now is, what happened to that shape-shifting cat, Isis? 

Lea Thompson and Dr. Vassily Roshenko

As Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) is pitching his ideas about genetic research to some kind of board of trustees, two of the members should be very familiar. The woman who shuts down Soong is “Dr. Diane Verner,” played by Lea Thompson. Most famous for her role as Lorraine McFly in all three Back to the Future films, Lea Thompson is also the director of the two previous episodes of Picard Season 2 (this episode is directed by Jonathan Frakes). Her directing credits just previous to Picard include DC’s Stargirl, which, on the aftershow, The Ready Room, she partially attributed to her being hired by the Star Trek team.

Sitting right next to her is a man with a placard that reads, “Dr. Vassily Rozhenko.” This is a clear reference to the human family who adopted Worf in The Next Generation. Worf’s parents were Sergey and Helana Rozhenko. Those two characters — played by Theodore Bikel and Georgia Brown — first appeared in the TNG episode, “Family,” which was also the first Trek episode that established the existence of Chateau Picard, not to mention a relative of Jean-Luc’s named René. 

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