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KDE Activity Lower This Week As Impact From The Russia-Ukraine War | #linux | #linuxsecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Unfortunately this week the KDE project saw “overall activity was lower than usual” that in part at least seems to be fallout from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Sadly some Ukranian KDE contributors have been impacted by the ongoing situation and some KDE Russia contributors have also been impacted by their Internet restrictions.

KDE developer Nate Graham opened up his weekly KDE development weekly recap with the unfortunate lower activity seen this week due to the war. “Let us all hope for peace, and remain united in our pursuit to build the finest and most humane software.

– The KDE Information Center has added a “Firmware Security” page that provides insight around the system security status of low-level firmware security and available hardware security features.

– The Kate text editor now correctly saves its list of open documents/tabs when the app is automatically closed due to logging out / restart / shutdown.

– Dolphin’s context menu now opens “significantly faster” in the presence of Ark.

– KDE Plasma 5.24.3’s Plasma Wayland session screen sharing / recording / casting now properly works.

– The virtual keyboard under Plasma Wayland no longer overlaps half of the vertical panel setup.

– Under the Plasma Wayland session when hitting the Esc key while dragging something it now cancels the drag as it should.

– Rotating a touchscreen under Plasma X11 will no longer lead to touch events going to the wrong area of the screen.

– KRunner now supports converting teaspoons and tablespoons into other units.

– Many other fixes.

More details on this week’s KDE changes via Nate Graham’s blog.

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