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In a fracture media market, is it time to revisit? | #socialmedia | #hacking | #aihp

As we come round the first bend of the track, the pack is starting to form. Leading, surprisingly, are the Streaming Apps. Once considered the new kids on the block, the Netflix-Amazon-Disney wunderkinds are leaping ahead. Not sure what will happen in the stretch run but they are sure frisky now.

In second place is Cable TV; it’s been around for a while and is fading quickly but don’t count out the Spectrum-Comcast Gang yet; they know how to make programs — and money. They will adjust. For now, they are in free fall.

Then there are the upstarts, the Cable Cutters, with their myriad apps and their mix of biggies like Amazon and Apple. The Cutters have rejected the big cable-pay TV companies in order to pick their own programming consortium, now a confusing and increasingly costly mix.

In the rear, at least for now, are the Content Creators — with Tiktok, Roblox and Minecraft, young and aggressive, letting watchers make their own stuff — and in the process dissing the Big Tech powerbrokers. They won’t win the race this year but watch out — it’s what your kids and grandkids are doing when they come home from school.

And the race is on — although just in its infancy. You have more choices than ever before — Should I do Paramount+ with or without advertising? Do I need the Hallmark app? — but it’s all a bewildering mix, unless, of course, miraculously, the government swoops in to bring order or some mega-aggregator pulls it together to make viewing life easier. Don’t hold your breath for either. We’ve got a horse race here.

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