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How to avoid the theft of banking information by WhatsApp? | #phishing | #scams | #hacking | #aihp

At the moment WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging which is most used in Mexico; however, the accounts can be compromised and leak information, which affects users. If you usually send Bank data you must be cautious; Here are some tips to protect yourself and take care of your financial information.

Although WhatsApp has some security measures such as encrypted messages, technology experts have warned that there is no protection against taking screenshots and forwarding them, which generates information leaks that can be used to the detriment of people. .

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Tips to protect your data

In these moments in which new ways of stealing data or fraud are constantly coming to light, it is important that you take care of keeping your important information as safe as possible and to help you in this, the Cyber ​​Police Unit of the Secretariat of Citizen Security developed a series of recommendations for the users of these instant messaging applications.

  • The simplest of all is the configuration of the application so that your profile image is visible only to the people you choose, it can be only your contacts or you can limit it more, to only a few people or nobody. With this you will prevent extortion and even misuse of your photographs.
  • In the event that one of your contacts, trustworthy or not, asks you for something suspicious, such as your bank information to make a deposit; Before sending your data, contact him by call to confirm his identity.
  • If you suspect that someone may have hacked your WhatsApp account, immediately send an email to the email address:, to file the corresponding report.

For more advice on cybersecurity, the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection has a document called the “Cyberguide” in which different tools are presented to facilitate the understanding of concepts related to cybersecurity and, in this way, offer guidance to avoid being victims of cybercrimes.

This Cyber ​​Guide covers topics such as telecommuting security, strong passwords, malware and ransomware, phishing, phishing scams, fake news, mobile device security, and the Olympia Law, among others. In addition, it contains citizen contact information to report incidents.

The use of information and communication technologies is of the utmost importance for the development of daily activities, since through them many aspects of daily life have been facilitated; but this also brings with it risks that, on many occasions, without realizing it can cause damage to our work, personal life and even the economy. Therefore, it is important to be informed to take care of ourselves in the best possible way.

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