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Hacker Allegedly Steals Kick Payment Info and Passwords of Thousands | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp


  • Hacker claims to have obtained sensitive user information from, raising concerns about the security of the platform’s growing user base.
  • Kick, a rival to Twitch, has experienced rapid growth and attracted prominent streamers, including xQc, Adin Ross, and Amouranth.
  • Kick’s Head of Product denies the allegations but the hacker insists on the validity of their findings, putting Kick’s security integrity into question.

In a recent development, a hacker claimed to have obtained sensitive information belonging to thousands of users on, a streaming platform owned by and positioned as a rival to Twitch. The alleged breach includes payment details, passwords, and additional personal data, raising concerns about the security of Kick’s growing user base.

For those unfamiliar, Kick burst onto the scene in December 2022, introduced by popular streamer Trainwreck, with relaxed ban policies and higher payout rates immediately setting it apart from leading streaming platform Twitch. Initially met with skepticism, Kick has defied expectations, experiencing rapid growth and attracting numerous prominent streamers to its platform. One of its most notable signings was xQc, a renowned streamer who made headlines in June last year by joining Kick in a groundbreaking $100 million deal, igniting widespread surprise and discussion within the industry. Other notable streamers who have since joined Kick include Adin Ross, Amouranth, Nickmercs, and many others.


xQc Responds to Ninja’s Comments on His $100M Kick Deal

Following Ninja’s comments on his $100 million Kick deal, xQc responds, addressing concerns and clarifying details about the lucrative agreement.

Hacker Allegedly Acquires Kick User Data

However, on February 13, a Twitter/X user going by @KickViewBot claimed to have uncovered a significant security vulnerability in Kick’s system, compromising sensitive data of 50,000 users, including emails, passwords, payment information, password resets, and addresses. Remarkably, the hacker made it clear that their intentions were altruistic; they sought to raise awareness and prompt action from Kick rather than exploit the compromised data. What made this breach particularly alarming were the prominent names associated with the compromised accounts. According to KickViewBot’s claims, the affected users included high-profile streamers such as xQc, Trainwreck, Adin Ross, Fousey, and Kick staff members.

In response, Kick’s Head of Product vehemently denied the allegations, stating that they do not store unencrypted passwords and dismissing the hacker’s claims as fabricated. Despite Kick’s reassurances, @KickViewBot persisted, challenging the platform to prove its security integrity and claiming to have successfully accessed multiple accounts. The standoff continues as Kick attempts to address the situation while the hacker insists on the validity of their findings.

While the validity of the hacker’s claims remains uncertain, if proven accurate, the situation is concerning, especially considering Kick’s ambitions to establish itself as a dominant force in the streaming industry in the years to come. It is important to note that Kick has faced criticism in the past, including various community allegations ranging from viewbotting issues to contentious username policies.

Despite these challenges, the significant growth Kick has experienced since its inception deserves recognition. Recently, prominent streamer Amouranth expressed her preference for Kick over Twitch, citing the platform’s openness and communication.

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