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FaZe Banks calls out David Dobrik’s “$6M scam” through Bored Bunny NFT promotion | #socialmedia | #hacking | #aihp

FaZe Banks responded to a call out aimed at David Dobrik for promoting an alleged $6 million NFT “scam” with Bored Bunny and revealed he turned down a similar offer after realizing it was a “mistake.”

NFT scams are as old as NFTs themselves. FaZe Banks knows that better than anyone after seeing four members of his organization get punished for promoting a cryptocurrency, only to inflate its value and then dump it.

It’s no surprise then that he chimed in on a post from Twitter user Zachxbt, who investigates the connection between influencers and NFTs.

In a recent post, Zachxbt called out YouTube star David Dobrik for promoting an alleged “$6 million NFT scam.”

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FaZe Banks has been one of the more prolific NFT advocates in the gaming and social media bubble.

“Welcome David Dobrik to the long list of influencers promoting scams,” said Zachxbt on March 27.

“0.4 ETH -> 0.059 ETH within 90 days, and the team has disappeared with $6m.” They also shared a clip of Dobrik promoting it.

“I wanted to get my feet a little more wet with some NFTs, Dobrik claimed in his promotional video. “I kind of went to the tippy-top of the NFT world and check this out. I got a Bored Bunny! Not only is it a Bored Bunny, but it looks like me.”

“If you’re young and naive just like my brother and want to get into NFTs, check out Bored Bunny. They have over 150,000 people in their Discord. It’s like a giant group chat. So, if you’re interested at all, start on their Instagram page.”

This post gained traction and eventually caught the eye of FaZe Banks, who revealed he also received an insane offer to promote it. While Dobrik went ahead, Bankes ultimately decided against it after ‘educating’ himself and realizing it was a “mistake.”

“They offered me “$500k-$750k” upfront for a story post or follow,” he said. He also posted a screenshot of a text conversation he had with someone apparently affiliated with them as evidence such an offer was indeed pitched.

“I think it’s worth noting that I didn’t make this mistake only because I’ve taken the time to educate myself,” Banks explained.

“A lot of these influencers take deals brought to them by their management [because they’re] treated as a product campaign.”

Bored Bunny has addressed concerns about their NFTs in the past. On February 18, they assured holders the floor price wasn’t being manipulated and urged them to list NFTs at higher prices to avoid undermining value.

They also revealed that they’ve been legally pursuing the removal of defamatory statements and “blatant lies” about them and their NFTs on the internet. However, they’ve remained silent on social media ever since.

Meanwhile, Dobrik hasn’t addressed the “scam” allegations at the time of writing. It’s not the first time an influencer with a massive following has been accused of promoting NFT and crypto “scams,” and it’s unlikely to be the last.

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