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Android 13 Privacy & Security Changes Culminate In New System Menu | #android | #security | #hacking | #aihp

Security and privacy have been big focal points in Android updates over the past few iterations and could get a combined menu in Android 13. That’s based on a recent Twitter post from Mishaal Rahman. As hinted, the combined menu would appear as a single system-level settings entry labeled “Security & Privacy” in the Settings app.

How is this different from how Android security and privacy are currently handled?

Now, the change here is subtle. Android 12 currently handles Security and Privacy settings at the system level in two separate menus but Android 13 will put controls for both in one menu. As shown in the images shared by Mr. Rahman below.

As shown in the images shared by Mr. Rahman, the new menu would house everything currently found in those separate menus. Such as app permissions management tools and app security features. That’s on top of other settings such as screen lock settings. “Find my device” features, in addition to the app and system-level security scanning, would be housed there as well. In addition to security update checks and Play Store update checks.

How does this fit in with other changes in the upcoming Android update?

The newly-spotted change slots neatly in with others found in the latest build, so far. But they aren’t working exactly as they should at the moment, according to Mr. Rahman. Although that should change before the finalization of the update.

For instance, Android 13 is also expected to ship with better management of running apps. Specifically in the form of a new chip-style UI that tells users exactly how many apps are currently running.

Changes will also be in place to ensure the clipboard clears itself automatically when not in use. That disallows access to data that may be stored there by apps that may be running in the background.

The latter of the changes falls in line with changes made to ensure users are notified when an app copies from the clipboard.

By then giving users ready access to both security and data privacy in a single menu, Google effectively links the too. Making it easier than ever for users to keep tabs on things where both are concerned.

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