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‘You could not convince her,’ son says as mom sent affectionate messages to ‘love interest’ but they cost her $1m – The US Sun | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans | #hacking | #aihp

AN elderly woman was scammed out of over $1 million, according to her son, after she fell foul of a common romance scam.

Donna Kendall from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, became lonely after her husband Jerry got dementia in 2022 while her son was far away in Atlanta.

Donna Kendall was duped into a romance scam when she turned to the internet to find companionshipCredit: WJCL

As a result, she turned to the internet to connect with others but instead of finding companionship, it led to her financial downfall and a broken relationship with her son, Ken Martasin.

According to Martasin, it was not until he was contacted by his mother’s bank that he became aware that she was being conned.

The bank told him that “she had made five wire transfers that totaled about $170,000,” he told WJCL.

When he confronted his mother about the payments, she defended her decision by saying she was in a relationship with the person.

“I’m saying ‘Who is this person?,’ and she said, ‘Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you about that,’” Martasin said.

“She says, ‘I’ve met someone and it’s just complicated.’”

Kendall had met a man who went by the name Martin Erickson online.

He claimed to be a wealthy businessman in Japan who needed $120,000 to ship a $2 million machine back to the United States.

Kendall’s supposed relationship with the scammer continued for months with text messages back and forth revealing manipulative text messages, according to the outlet.

“You could not convince her that this person she was talking to was not a real person,” her son said.

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Martasin even got his mother seen by specialists, believing that she had lost her cognitive abilities.

However, he was told by a psychiatrist: “There’s nothing I can do.

“Mentally there’s nothing wrong with her, she’s just making bad decisions.”

Conversations with deputies and attorneys also proved fruitless for Martasin.

Feeling helpless, he ended up cutting off contact with his mother after she was forced to sell her home and move into a hotel.

“She went from … $1.5 million house to an extended stay hotel,” he said.

Martasin did not see his mother again as he received a phone call in September informing him that she had died at the hotel.

His mother’s actions continue to leave a bitter taste in his mouth as he reminisces on life with his mother.

“Just gonna have to remember the better times because the last two years were not things I want to remember,” he said.

The U.S. Sun has previously reported on romance scams with one woman being duped out of $10,000 on a dating app for singles over 50.

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