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Worrying surge in cybercrime cases | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

The first quarter of this year witnessed a concerning rise in cybercrime, with a total of 51 reported cases.

According to the police, February saw the highest number of cybercrime cases during this period. A staggering 30 cases were reported that month, compared to 14 in January and seven in March, indicating a worrying trend.

Among the various forms of cybercrime, hacking emerged as the most prevalent. There were 33 reported cases of hacking, along with 13 cases of credit and debit card fraud. Additionally, an identity theft case and four other cybercrime incidents were reported during this period.

Furthermore, police statistics reveal that 34 cases of counterfeiting and forgery were reported during the first three months of this year. These cases encompassed 24 incidents of forging documents and two cases involving counterfeit currency, specifically counterfeit dollars. The authorities also received reports of 39 cases of blackmail and 162 cases of fraud during the same period.

Despite the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, the Maldives currently lacks comprehensive legislation to effectively combat such offenses. The escalation of cybercrime incidents necessitates immediate action to establish robust legal frameworks and implement targeted measures to safeguard individuals and businesses against this growing threat.


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