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What Files Are: Can You Delete Them? | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge | #hacking | #aihp

Every once in a while, you will encounter files on your smartphone or device that will make no sense to you. Among these files are the files that you might fold in your download folder. 

These files reappear frequently, so you might want to know ways how you can get rid of them. Before we cover how you can remove these files, let us learn what files are first. 

What Files Are

The file is nothing to worry about. These are nothing but storage or files created by the Google Chrome browser. If you go to your download folder on Chrome or your phone or computer, you will notice a file named They usually contain nothing but cache files from various downloads or websites – especially if you use your phone a lot. 

Sometimes, these files contain unspecified data. It can also contain data from some interrupted downloads. For example, you might have wanted to download a photo or file from Chrome, and somehow you paused the download, the file will store those incomplete data. 

Also, if you fail to download something due to a poor Internet connection or technical glitch, Chrome will create that file storage to store the interrupted data that the system cannot properly store on the device. Usually, you might be unable to open the data stored there as those data or files are, more often than not, broken. 

Remember too that sometimes, you will notice variables attached to the file name. It mainly happens when there are various files on the Chrome browser. 

The variables are never specific, so sometimes you might see in the filename. Or, at times, you will see, and similar others. 

Can The File Store Malicious Data Or Viruses?

As discussed a while ago, files usually just contain junk or unnecessary data. So, there is no malicious data or virus stored there. However, if you are trying to download something from illegal or unreliable APK sites or websites, you must be careful. This is since files stored on those sites often contain malicious data or viruses. 

Moreover, if you try to download such problematic files and the download stops in-between for some reason, then the will store the virus or malware from those files. Scary, right? 

Sometimes, the file is created by some malicious third-party applications or software. And such files can contain viruses or malware. You can run a security program scanner on your computer or phone to confirm that.

If you are on a PC, running Microsoft Defender will inform you whether these files are safe or pose a threat to your device. 

Can You Delete The Files From Your Device

Yes, you can delete the files easily on your phone or computer. 

However, if you are not familiar with how to delete them or when to delete them, run a scanner first. You must delete the files if the scanner specifies them as threats or viruses. 

Also, if they take up too much space on your device, you can delete the files to free up some space. 

There are various ways to delete the files. 

1. Smartphone Download Folder

If you intend to delete the file on your smartphone, you can go to the Downloads folder. This is because these files are often stored there. 

Below are the steps.

A. Open the Downloads folder from your Home screen. If you cannot find the folder, type in the word “My Files” on your home screen’s search bar. Then, open the Files result.

B. You will need to open the Downloads section from the files section.

C. Then, check mark next to all the files you can see.

D. After you finish ticking off the files, click on the Delete option at the bottom of your screen. On some phones, you might need to click on the three-dotted icon to select the Trash or Delete icon.

If you follow those steps successfully, you can get rid of the files.

2. PC Downloads Or Chrome

The PC version of Google Chrome stores the files on the local download folder. Or, you can use your PC’s Chrome to delete the files as well. 

So, to carry out this method, here are the instructions.

A. Open the This PC folder and then head over to the Downloads section from the left panel.

B. Then, select the particular file and right-click on it to choose the Delete option.

C. Or, with your mouse, you can drag over the multiple files and select the Delete icon.

D. Do not forget to go to the Bin icon and delete the files too from there.

E. In case you cannot find the files in the Download folder, open Chrome and click on the three-dotted icon to select the Downloads section.

F. After which, click on the Open Downloads Folder located in the screen’s upper-right corner.

G.Then, you need to choose the file and right-click over it.

H. After clicking the Delete icon, go to the Recycle Bin icon, usually at the top-left corner of your PC.

I. Lastly, select Empty Recycle Bin to remove the files completely. If you do not delete them from the Bin, you might still see them on your PC or these malicious files might affect your PC.

Those are pretty much about how you can delete the files. Now, let us find out the questions most people ask about the topic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Safe To Delete Files?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to delete the files from your phone or PC. We repeat, they are basically unnecessary files or junk cache files. Without these, your smartphone or computer will work better. However, fortunately, the OS does not depend on these files to function.

2. Can Pirated Movies Or Files Affect The 

Yes, files or movies from pirated sites are often not safe to download. If they are already infected with malware or virus, they will render the files or cache corrupted. 

3. What Is The Size Of These Files?

Typically, the file size of the files is not over a few kilobytes. But if they contain too many interrupted or paused downloads, they are larger. They can take up to a hundred megabytes or a handful of gigabytes on your phone or computer storage.

4. Can You Check The Size Of These Files?

Yes, you can check the size of the files. Visit the Downloads folder on your phone and PC, and open the File folder to check the size at the top left corner of the screen. 

5. Will Chrome Crash If You Delete The Files?

No, Chrome will not stop working nor crash if you delete the files. You ask why? This is because they are nothing but unnecessary data, seriously. 

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