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U.S. Government warns of potential Russian cyberattacks | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

A warning from the FBI for anyone who uses a computer, has a loved one in the hospital, or simply uses a light switch.

The U.S. Government warns that Russia is exploring plans for a direct cyberattack on things we use every day.

President Biden warned on Twitter for everyone to take the warning seriously.

“I’ve previously warned about the potential that Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the U.S. Today, I’m reiterating those warnings based on evolving intelligence that the Russian Government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks.” Biden tweeted.

Cybersecurity experts confirm the mounting evidence that Russia has its sights set on the U.S.

Levi Gallaher is a graphic engineering student at FSW and he and his friends are aware of the Russian cyber threat and feel the country is at risk.

“I feel like the population today is way too reliant on technology,” he said.

He knows that the U.S. has the power to launch its own attack in retaliation against Russian forces.

“I honestly believe we’re going to go into WWIII if this continues,” Gallaher said.

He fears Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next escalation could be a direct cyberattack on the U.S.

“Our whole world is controlled by technology. I would be very worried if that happened,” said Rachel Garcia, also a student.

Cyber Security Expert Greg Scasny confirmed the threats are real.

“Ever since the Russians put troops on the Ukraine border we’ve seen a marked increase, probably an order of magnitude increase of these attempted attacks,” Scasny said.

His company Blueshift Cyber Security protects government and private company data by focusing on detection and response of cyber threats.

He has seen firsthand evidence of attempted attacks.

“Last night was huge. We saw a tenfold increase overnight last night. When you see that kind of uptick it’s usually indicative of someone wanting to make a move to do something,” Scasny explained.

He predicts it’s unlikely individuals will be targeted but believes foreign aggressors will have their targets on water plants, electrical and media facilities as well as hospitals.

All of those targets would leave Levi and his friends vulnerable.

“I don’t think we’re prepared. I think we need to rely on things besides technology,” he concluded.

Cyber security experts urge people to take steps now to stay safe by simply changing your password settings. They also recommend updating your phone and computer.

Some warn it’s a good idea to carry a little extra cash in case of power outages or ATMs are impacted.

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