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Two Weeks Of Webinars On IBM i Security | #malware | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

August 29, 2022

Timothy Prickett Morgan

Security through obscurity was never a good OS/400 and IBM i security strategy, even though it was a commonly held belief by many in the base. Over the decades, the interconnected of systems has become more pronounced and security threats in the IT world have ramped up and – there are related, but not exclusively causal, relationships between these two phenomena. Suffice it to say, the need to be more proactive about system and application security has never been greater.

Well, unless you count next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. . . .

This situation is only going to keep getting worse, and IT shops have no choice but to fight back.

But when it comes to IBM i security, it is safe to say that many IBM i shops are in over their heads and they have to get all of the help they can to try to batten down the hatches against the many threats that all systems – even the IBM i platform – can be the victim of these days.

That’s why IBM i security software vendor Raz-Lee Security has put together a series of webinars in September to help customers get a handle on the big issues they face when it comes to securing their IBM i systems. They are as follows:

  • September 5 – Using MFA to Secure Sign On for IBM i: Learn about the dangers of social engineering and its prevention, including password brute-force attacks and the benefits of enabling Multi-Factor Authentication at IBM i with Raz-Lee iSecurity MFA
  • September 6 – Zero Trust and Encryption at IBM i: What are the core principles of the zero trust model? This discussion will review the stages of implementing zero trust and how data encryption is the first step with the help of Raz-Lee iSecurity Field Encryption & PGP Encryption
  • September 7 – Surviving a Combined Attack: This discussion will review combined attack techniques and ransomware types, but, more importantly, how to stay safe thanks to software like Raz-Lee iSecurity Antivirus & Anti-Ransomware
  • September 12 – Zero Trust and Exit Points at IBM i: Zero trust principles, concepts, and misconceptions; this webinar will get into the detail about exit points of the IBM i and how to fix this security issue with Raz-Lee iSecurity MFA & Firewall.
  • September 13 – Zero-Day Attack Prevention: What is the real meaning of a Zero Day attack? Learn how to be ready for this kind of security breach during this webinar, which will focus on prevention using tools from Raz-Lee Anti-Ransomware + MFA + Firewall, making a Zero Day attack stop as soon as it begins.
  • September 14 – Data Loss Prevention over IBM i: Learn about Data Loss Prevention and how it is related to compliance. This webinar will show you how to enable policies and procedures with Raz-Lee iSecurity Audit.

You can sign up for any and all of these webinars at this link.


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