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Traffic, cybercrime laws enter into force on Tuesday | Jordan News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Ammon News – The amended traffic and cybercrime laws No. (17) of 2023 have entered into force, after a royal decree was issued to implement them after they were published in the Official Gazette 30 days ago.

The new traffic law aims to “provide a safe environment on the roads by increasing penalties for dangerous violations that could result in accidents, injuries and fatalities”.

There will also be a JD50 fine imposed on motorists who use their mobile phones while operating a vehicle, running a red light will result in a prison term ranging from one to two months, and a fine between JD200 and JD300 and JD10 fine for the driver of a public vehicle if he smokes while driving, and the same amount if he allows the passengers in the vehicle to smoke.

Regarding the cybercrime law, the law came after an increase in the severity and type of crimes, and as a result of the public debate, the original goal was to reduce the problems and issues that had increased since 2015, at a rate that reached 6 times.

The cybercrime law, in all its articles, came to protect society and the most vulnerable groups from electronic crimes, the effects of which last long and are very easy to commit. Among the most prominent of these crimes are: broadcasting fake news targeting national security and societal peace, violating the sanctity of private life and the right to privacy, and producing video clips to defame, harm and blackmail others, collect illegal donations, trade in weapons and ammunition, spread sexual pornography, attack the financial and banking systems, disdain religions, spread hate speech, and exploit those under 18 years old in pornographic works.


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