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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [28.04.2024]: Cyber Frauds, Georgia Cyber Attack, Fake Obituary and more | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Prayagraj Woman Defrauded of Rs 1.48 Cr by Cyber Criminals, FIR Filed
An IFS officer’s relative in Prayagraj loses Rs 1.48 crore to cyber criminals posing as police investigating a contraband shipment to Taiwan. Scare tactics coerced her into transferring money. Prayagraj cyber police freeze ₹40 lakh in her account. FIR filed, investigation ongoing. Authorities warn against falling for such scams.

Cyber Crime Police Investigate WhatsApp-Propagated False News Targeting Dempo Group
Goa’s Ribandar Cyber Crime Police launch legal probe into a complaint by Mrs. Sharmila S. Prabhu of V.S. Dempo Holdings Pvt. Ltd. false WhatsApp message suggests a tie-up between Dempo & Adani Groups after polls, deemed fabricated. Police urge against circulation. serious investigation is underway regarding the spread of fake news.

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Five Arrested as Telangana Uncovers Massive Rs 4.23 Crore Cyber Fraud
Telangana police dismantle a cybercrime ring from Kerala, revealing a complex money transfer scheme across multiple states. Basetti Sankaraiah from Jagtial fell victim to a Rs 4.23 crore fraud orchestrated by impersonating Mumbai law enforcement. A special team arrests five recipients, tracing money trails nationwide. The ongoing investigation has been praised by the district SP.

Srinagar Cyber Police Recovers and Returns Lakhs Worth of Smartphones to Owners
Srinagar’s Cyber Police Zone retrieves and returns 30 missing smartphones, valued at lakhs, to their rightful owners. They now accept reports of missing phones from the public. The dedicated team aids citizens with tech challenges and combats cyber crimes under the Inspector General’s guidance. Public urged to avoid sharing sensitive info. Appreciated for community service.

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Pune Faces Spike in Cyber Scams
Scammers Exploit Citizens with Fake Legal Threats Regarding Courier Shipments
Rising airport-related cybercrime sees citizens tricked into fictitious contraband cases, passports, or currency allegations. Scammers pose as central agencies like CBI, extorting hefty fines to avoid fake legal action. Recent cases involve a Rs 49.37 lakh scam, online task fraud of ₹11.21 lakh, and a bank information swindle of Rs 5.15 lakh. Authorities exercise caution and vigilance.

Hackers Utilize WP-Automatic Plugin Bug to Generate Admin Accounts on WordPress Websites
A critical SQL injection flaw (CVE-2024-27956) in the ValvePress Automatic plugin for WordPress allows unauthorized database access and admin account creation. Attackers exploit sites to control sites, install backdoors, and obfuscate code. Over 5.5 million attack attempts were detected. Other plugins, like Email Subscribers and Forminator, are also vulnerable. An unpatched issue in the Poll Maker plugin (CVE-2024-32514) permits remote code execution.

Georgia County Central to Voting Software Breach Targeted by Cyberattack
Georgia’s Coffee County, central to election fraud claims, faces cyberattack, prompting statewide system access severance. No data exfiltration detected, but malicious activity noted. State officials cut access to voter registration and election management systems. Similar to prior incidents in Fulton County. Cyberattack impact and perpetrators remain unclear.

American Journalist Discovers Obituary Online and Unveils World of Obit Pirates
Journalist Deborah Vankin discovers false obituaries online and unveils the obituary piracy world. Networks generate obits via AI, targeting search interest for profit. Exploitative tactics extend to YouTube videos. Victims endure distress and confusion. Legal battles ensue. Individuals urged to seek takedown, but companies like Google also urged to intervene in combating obit piracy.

Chinese Citizens Detained in Casablanca for Suspected Hacking and Telecom Scam
Casablanca police arrest two Chinese nationals suspected of hacking and manipulating telecom networks. They allegedly rerouted international calls to local ones for profit. Raids on their residence yield electronic equipment and national phone cards. Investigations are ongoing to uncover motives and apprehend any accomplices.

More Than 19,000 Accounts Compromised on California State Welfare Platform
Hackers breach California welfare platform, potentially compromising 19,000 accounts for nearly a year. breach notification issued for BenefitsCal program users, offering various welfare benefits management services. Accessed data includes personal details like names, Social Security numbers, and contact information from March 2023 to February 2024.

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