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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [02.05.2024]:Cyber Frauds Exploit Emotional Vulnerability, Arrests Made in Hyderabad and NAIA, Political Parties Harness Cyber Warriors, and More | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Emotional Vulnerability of Parents Exploited by Cyber Fraudsters
Cybercriminals posing as law enforcement officers threaten victims by claiming their adult children face arrest and demanding money to resolve fabricated charges. They employ techniques like spoofing and emotional manipulation to isolate victims and pressure them into compliance. Victims often comply out of fear, but some manage to verify the scam and avoid payment.

Youth, Unemployed, Arrested for Opening 125 Mule Accounts for Scams
A 26-year-old jobless youth from Bhainsa, Hyderabad, arrested for opening 125 bank accounts and supplying them to cyber fraudsters for investment scams. Pranay convinced villagers by offering money for each account. He was caught in a joint operation by the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau and Nirmal police, which seized incriminating materials.

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BJP Enlists 2,000 Cyber Warriors for PM’s Kanpur Roadshow
In preparation for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s May 4 roadshow in Kanpur, BJP has mobilized more than 2,000 cyber warriors to amplify the event online. Govind Nagar MLA Surendra Maithani aims to maximize outreach by organizing social media volunteers’ conference and deploying the cyber team.

TN Police Warns Against Cyber Criminals Impersonating Law Enforcement
Tamil Nadu Police’s Cybercrime Wing warns of cyber fraudsters impersonating law enforcement, urging public caution. Scammers use tactics like phone spoofing and isolation to prevent verification. ADGP Sanjay Kumar advises verifying callers’ identity independently and seeking confirmation from trusted sources before taking action or making payments in response to urgent demands.

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Pune City Crime: Revealing Three Instances of Cyber Fraud
Pune City Crime Police revealed three cyber fraud cases on April 28, resulting in a total loss of Rs 13 lakhs. Scams involved fictitious money laundering investigations, deceptive video call offers, and online job scams. Investigations led by respective inspectors aim to apprehend the perpetrators, emphasizing the importance of cyber vigilance.


Chinese Cyber Fraud Suspect was arrested at NAIA by Bureau of Immigration
Chinese national Qin Xingye, 28, wanted for cyber fraud, was apprehended at NAIA Terminal 3 before boarding a flight to Hong Kong. Immigration’s derogatory check revealed his undesirable alien status, including overstaying and illegal work. Detained at Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City, awaiting deportation.

Espionage Behind 25% of Cyberattacks in APAC Region: Report
In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, 25% of cyberattacks involved espionage, compared to 6% in Europe and 4% in North America. Credentials (69%), internal data (37%), and secrets (24%) were commonly compromised. Verizon Business advises continuous security updates to combat advanced persistent threats, with India particularly affected by phishing attacks.

GAO Warns NASA Unsure of Spacecraft’s Cyber Defense Adequacy
NASA lacks mandatory cybersecurity guidance for spacecraft acquisitions, relying on optional standards. GAO warns of inconsistent cyber defense due to this. While NASA plans to update policies, it hesitates to set timelines, citing challenges in adapting cybersecurity measures to space environments without compromising mission objectives and safety.

Dropbox Confirms Hacker-Accessed Passwords and Authentication Data in Breach
Dropbox discloses a breach where a hacker accessed sensitive data, including passwords and authentication information. The investigation is ongoing; there is no evidence of account content access. Users notified that API keys need regeneration. Dropbox assures no material impact on operations but acknowledges potential litigation, behavioral changes, and regulatory scrutiny risks.

UnitedHealth’s CEO is criticized by Senators for Handling a Cyberattack
Lawmakers criticize UnitedHealth’s response to a cyberattack on Change Healthcare, highlighting security failures and potential data breaches. Concerns over UnitedHealth’s dominance in healthcare raised, suggesting it’s too big to manage effectively. CEO Andrew Witty apologizes for disruptions, acknowledges security lapses, and vows to address issues.

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