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The Five Families disrupted after SiegedSec hacked; SiegedSec thrown out, Blog Hijacked | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp

AlphV wasn’t the only group experiencing some disruption this week

In August, “The Five Families” announced the collaboration of ThreatSec, SiegedSec, Stormous, BlackForums (now BlackSec), and GhostSec:

A group created to establish better unity and connections for everyone in the underground world of the internet, to expand and grow our work and operations. We run shit cause we can!

Today, someone else apparently ran shit because they could, and it resulted in SiegedSec being unceremoniously booted from The Five Families.

A post, shown below, appeared on SiegedSec’s blog this afternoon.

In short order, The Five Families became four, as they explained on their Telegram channel:


SiegedSec rushed to claim that the blog post was fake:

We're aware the SiegedSec blog has been defaced, with claims of supporting pedophilia and zoophilia. We're looking into this attack, as we believe it has come from the hosting provider, however we'll continue looking into it. We don't believe that any external attacker defaced the website. From now until further notice, any message from the SiegedSec blog is not official or associated with the group at all. We do not condone any of the behavior listed in the defacement. Apologies for any inconvenience related to the blog's downtime. meow meow~

As far as DataBreaches knows, SiegedSec’s statement (above) is partly true. The blog was defaced and the post was not written by Vio. It was written mostly by Kmeta, who made DataBreaches aware of the situation. When asked why he did it, Kmeta said he found all the jokes about zoophilia disgusting.  He also told DataBreaches that  SiegedSec knows exactly who was responsible and that he warned SiegedSec that if SiegedSec tried to claim the post was a hoax, Kmeta would call his mother and send her a picture of her son.

SiegedSec subsequently announced on BreachForums that he is leaving SiegedSec. When asked why, he simply said the reason was”primarily stress.”

In less than two hours, Five Families was degraded and the leader of SiegedSec was resigning from SiegedSec, intending to pass the “SiegedSec” username to another member of the group.

That probably will not happen soon, if at all. At last check, Kmeta had now seized the blog, explaining that he had done so out of disgust with the sexually themed and inappropriate jokes on the blog:

 This Website Has Been Seized by Kmeta Corporation Of Electronics After extremely degenerated behaviour from vio i decided to put an end to this and jam this address. after numerous times where he was spotted making uncomfortable jokes regarding sexual contact with animals. If you are such a disgusting degenerate to support this kind of actions then i will suggest you to seek help. WHAT HAPPENED? your site isnt your site anymore, its mine) BY WHO? Kmeta Check me out at [nowhere]

For background on SiegedSec’s activities prior to now, see SOCRadar’s profile on them.

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