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The anti-American rhetoric – Pakistan Observer | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

  Haya Fatima Sehgal

The yawn-worthy anti-American rhetoric by the opposition doesn’t seem to be fizzling out. Rearing its head up at intermittent moments, it has that same old lacklustre flavour of something tacky being repackaged and resold. But who is still following the Pied Piper’s tune?

One would have thought that perhaps some advisors would have whispered common sense into the Piper’s ear to change the tune; a playlist which is loaded with regressive tactics. One thing that must be appreciated about the newly formed coalition is that diplomacy has been part of their presence – so far.

It is the people of the nation who are now facing some very challenging times never seen before. This will require collective expertise despite political affiliation to help save a nation. The economic crisis in Pakistan is what we really need to focus on. A crisis which was further aggravated due to the global pandemic.

The newly formed coalition, while excelling in its diplomatic efforts, has still not been able to provide solutions for the sinking economy. With inflation soaring, and people barely being able to cover basic expenses such as transport and food; the vicious economic meltdown has begun. Here the millions affected must be catered to through economic relief packages.

It must be acknowledged of the previous government, that their welfare policies benefited the disadvantaged. In fact, they were the very lifeline for the country during the global pandemic. This is where any beneficial programs previously established, should not be dismantled by the sitting coalition.

Much of the progress made by the old government has been marred by their anti-American tirades and their inability to focus on the planned course of pro-people strategies. Their current selling point brings a more garish perception of Pakistan as a turbulent nation rather than one extending peace building efforts on an international level. Should the old administration ever be reinstated, it should drop the anti-Americanism diatribe as it has no place to go.

There was no conspiracy theory. What they may never admit to is that their opponents were simply smarter and better at the game. It was the Opposition which combined their resources and ousted them from power, not a western entity. Recently I had written about how cyber security is a growing concern for Pakistan. Taking the example of the deep fake attack son several notable personalities who have been targeted. However, this is a national problem for all people- not just politicians.

Having said that, somebody may have sorely missed the point; it is the most vulnerable who do not have the resources to defend themselves. Each and every opportunity need not be turned into a conspiracy theory concocted by a western front. What the same vulnerable people of this country now need are lifesaving solutions to survive the economic crisis. What is also not needed is another crippling situation of the almost civil war that was brought about by the dharnas, just a few weeks ago.

It is true that the people of Pakistan, like any other democratic nation, want elections to take place. And these must be held; let the nation choose whom they want in power. For our present governing bodies; an immediate pivot is required to ease the economic burdens of the masses. There must also emerge a progressive energy, fully synthesized, working towards the betterment of the people.

Let us be brutally honest. We are the only ones failing ourselves by not focusing on the grim realities. We are already living in an economic meltdown, which will be a catalyst for many future volatilities. Western powers have far greater concerns than meddling in Pakistan’s domestic affairs. It is here that we cannot be blind to our own inadequacies – all the while following the Pied Piper off a cliff.


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