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Tamil Nadu cyber crime division warns public of fake IRCTC app | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu cyber crime division has warned people to stay away from fake IRCTC rail connect app.

In a press note issued on Friday the TN police said that recently, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has issued a warning to the public regarding a malicious mobile app campaign that aims to deceive users and engage them in fraudulent activities.

“Fraudsters have devised a cunning scheme wherein they circulate phishing links through messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. These links direct unsuspecting victims to download a fake version of the ‘IRCTC Rail Connect’ mobile app. The scammers manipulate users by convincing them that this fraudulent app is the legitimate way to book train tickets through IRCTC. This fake app closely resembles the original one, making it challenging for users to distinguish between them.

Once the victim downloads and installs the malicious app, they might believe that they are using a legitimate IRCTC service.

The fake app provides a similar user interface and replicate the login process of the real IRCTC app, tricking users into thinking-they are securely logging in to their accounts. However, behind the scenes, the malicious app is acting as a tool to collect sensitive-information. As users interact with the app, they might be prompted to input their net banking credentials, including usernames, passwords, and PINs, to proceed with ticket bookings or other actions. As users enter their credentials, the malicious-app captures this information and then transmit the stolen data to remote servers controlled by the scammers. This is where the-actual compromise of personal and financial information takes place” the release said.

In addition to net banking credentials, the malicious app might request access to other sensitive information stored on the-user’s device. For instance, the app could ask for permission to access UPI details and credit/debit card information stored in-digital wallets or linked to payment apps. With access to the collected information, the scammers can potentially engage in-various fraudulent activities, warned the police.

This could include unauthorized transactions using the victim’s UPI or card details, identity theft, and even phishing attempts targeting the victim’s contacts.

Sanjay Kumar, Additional Director General of Police, Cyber Crime Wing urged IRCTC users to exercise caution and adhere to a few crucial precautionary measures to protect themselves from falling prey to such scams.

Public are advised to only download the official ‘IRCTC Rail Connect’ mobile app from authorized sources like Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.

Users are asked to refrain from clicking on links promising extraordinary discounts or deals, especially when shared through unofficial channels.

In case of doubt , people are asked to contact IRCTC’s customer care only through the official phone numbers listed on their official website – Public are also asked to disable the option for unknown app installations in their device settings to prevent unauthorized app downloads and also not to share OTP, PIN, password or banking details.

“If you suspect any fraudulent activity, report the incident to Cyber Crime toll-free Helpline No 1930 or register a complaint at Additionally, individuals are encouraged to write to or call IRCTC Customer Care using the official phone numbers listed on the IRCTC official website and provide them with all relevant details and evidence” the press release noted.


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