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Special cybercrime drive ensures Rs 2 crore refund to victims | #cybercrime | #infosec | #hacking | #aihp

Hyderabad: Due to a special drive by the Cyber Crime PS of Cyberabad, victims in 44 cases of cybercrime will be able to recover the money they have lost. The court has ordered a total refund of more than Rs 2 crores (Rs 2,23,89,575) to be credited to their victims’ bank accounts.

The drive was undertaken on the instructions of the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Commissionerate Stephen Raveendra, IPS to tackle the rising number of cybercrime cases.

Here’s the official procedure followed after every complaint of cybercrime

– When a victim reports a cybercrime online either through the 1930 number or through the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) portal, the petition is directed to police and the nodal officers of concerned banks, for investigation.

– During the investigation, the investigation officer (IO) concerned, with the help of the NCRP report of the bank transactions, seizes the amount from the suspect accounts as per Section 102 of CrPC.

– Further, the IO intimates the victim/complainant to file a petition under Section 457 in the jurisdictional court which helps the victim to get an order from the court to refund the seized amount.

– After examining the petition filed by the victim and based on the findings during the investigation by the IO, the court will pass the order accordingly.

– After receiving the court order, the IO will follow up with the banks and see that the amount is refunded to the victim(s) accounts.

The police said that the drive will be ongoing, and with the cooperation of the judiciary, they will be able to ensure the speedy return of money to victims who lost it to cybercrime.

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