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Southeast Missouri man protecting people and companies from cybercrime – KBSI Fox 23 Cape Girardeau News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

SOUTHEAST Mo., (KBSI)- A man from Southeast Missouri has made it part of his life’s mission to protect people and companies from cybercrime. Robin Cole III most recently contributed to a book called “From Exposed to Secure.”

We sat down with him to discuss real steps to help arm businesses and people to protect their information.

“It is very, very difficult for most of us to accept that we are at risk and threatened by all hackers in the entire world,” said Cole. “I have a passion to help people understand and adopt behaviors and plans and configurations that begin to protect them from the information war that our nation is currently involved in.”

Currently Cole is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Rite Group.

Among his many titles, he now adds author to the list.

He collaborated with 28 other IT experts from around the world to write “From Exposed to Secure.”

The book recently topped Amazon’s Best Seller List.

“The truth is you hold your breath wondering if anyone will want to read it,” said Cole. “To have it go from that moment of terror to have it achieve the current status as a number one best seller is unexpected and quite shocking.”

Cole says the sales show people are indeed ready to take action and learn how they can stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

“Today in American it is extremely difficult to find any organization involved in any activity that’s not running on their computers,” he said. “So, anyone who has computers had best accept the threats are active 24 hours a day threatening their organization or them personally and they need to take action.”

He says software is great, but it comes down to training people.

“The digital protections around the perimeter of the organization, be it firewalls or anti-malware or security operations, they all work effectively but you still end up with people using computers and you need to train them, you need to encourage them.”

Cole says it’s vital to choose a secure password along with multifactor authentication.

“The number one thing is to stop saying to yourself, ‘Oh no one will ever want to steal my money, no one will ever want to break into my organization,” said Cole. “We must erase that mythical idea that we aren’t vulnerable. That’s truly the first step. The number one thing that a person can do when they receive an unexpected message is so ask themselves, ‘How urgent does this sound – how emotional am I reacting to it.’ A really good strategy on a scam call is to say to yourself if this is really important, they’ll call you back. To identify the likelihood of a scam call – that sense of urgency and an emotion reacting to it are tremendous things that they do to stimulate you to be impulsive and make a mistake.”

Cole says it took about a year to write the book and he is thankful for the local support.


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