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SIM strategy to block cyber crimes | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

By Melvin Mathew

As of now, Bengaluru police have blocked 16,000 SIM cards used to trap people

With the trend of increasing cyber crimes in the city, city police have started blocking SIM cards that were involved in cyber crimes. As of now, police have blocked 16,000 such SIM cards.

As conmen devise newer methods to trap people, more citizens are falling for such scams. As of now, Bengaluru city has 9,242 cases of cyber crime from January till July this year.

Cops decided to come up with a new strategy of blocking SIM cards after the Central Government move to place curbs on bulk sales of SIM cards. Police officials say that earlier the same SIM card would be used multiple times for committing cyber crimes.

“We are receiving complaints under the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (Helpline Number -1930). We started blocking SIM cards that were involved in cybercrimes since last month. As of now, we have blocked 16,000 SIM cards in this regard. Cases are reported on 1930 and police stations and we collect details regarding the SIM cards involved. Police stations are collecting the data and submitting it to DCPs concerned and finally, the Command Centre blocks the SIM cards,” said a senior police official.

He added that with more curbs on SIM card procurement, the measure is expected to be effective. “As per the recent notification by the telecom minister, bulk sales of SIM cards have been curbed. The SIM card dealership has to be verified by police officials. If we block one card, they can’t use another one for committing crimes,” he added.

The Department of Telecommunication has mandated that the SIM card dealers be registered with telecom operators. The government has also discontinued the bulk issuing of SIM cards for businesses and replaced it with a thorough Know your Customer process. Both the business and person providing the SIM will be mandated for KYC.

In case of any illegal activity, the dealership will lose its licence for three years.

Rise and rise of crime
Police officials say that cyber crime cases are on the rise. They say that citizens are falling prey to cyber fraud due to a lack of awareness and a desire to become rich in a short span.

“People want to get rich overnight and are falling prey to such frauds. As everything moves online, people should be very careful. People are also using simple passwords that are easier for cybercriminals to crack. Many also panic easily when they hear fraud calls claiming to be from ‘Interpol’ but they should call the local police or the 112 helpline. There are many cases of fraud involving loan apps and many end up even ending their lives due to that,” said an official.

In recent days, police officials have seen a rise in ‘job fraud’.”People are approached for doing work from home to earn money. They are provided a task, for instance, they are asked to like a video or click on a link. They send a message on WhatsApp or any social media account. They may send a YouTube link and ask people to like the video. They are asked to put Rs 100 and get Rs 50 also. Initially, the cyber criminals pay back and when the amount starts multiplying to Rs 10,000-Rs 20,000, they stop paying. Victims keep waiting to receive the money but they get cheated,” he added.


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