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Recently, many consumers have been searching for reviews on the online shops, Tedinad and Helenabl. Consumers are rightly wondering if they’re a scam. Here’s the answer: they are! Don’t shop on these websites!

Tedinad claims to be a shop selling outdoor equipment and garden appliances, from mountain bikes to pizza ovens and bird feeders. However, there are several red flags that should concern consumers:

  • The website is very new. There are no product reviews.
  • There is no contact phone number, and the listed address seems to correspond to a random residential address.
  • The privacy policy appears to be copied and pasted from elsewhere. There is no mention of a returns policy.
  • They score very low on all listed consumer trust scores. ScamAdviser awards them 40/100.
Source: Reddit

These users on Reddit appear to have learnt their lesson the hard way. Don’t let that be you!

Scam Alert_helena_20220302

Helenabl appears to be remarkably similar to Tedinad. They also claim to be in the business of selling outdoor equipment and garden appliances. Their consumer trust score is even lower though! On ScamAdviser, it’s a laughable 1/100.

Likewise, there are red flags which should make us close that tab ASAP:

  • The website is very new. There are no product reviews.
  • The website advertises some outrageously low discount offers.
  • The listed address (no phone number) appears to be fake — and is actually associated with other scam online stores.
  • There are fake “trusted” seals on the webpage.
  • The website’s dashboard is lifted from other websites — as are product pictures.

To summarize folks, stay away from websites like these — and always do your research. For more tips on spotting fake online shops, please visit this article. Further red flags not mentioned above include:

  • Unusual payment methods (wire transfer/cash apps etc.).
  • Unreasonable requests for detailed personal information.
  • Typos and questionable wording.

How to Protect Yourself

  • NEVER click links or attachments from unknown sources. Use

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  • Shop only on legitimate online stores. Do your homework and read reviews about the online store you plan to shop at.
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