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Reinforcing protection, detection & response measures is the key: Dinesh Phogat, CISO, CCIL | #itsecurity | #infosec | #hacking | #aihp

India is rapidly evolving in the technology space, and the Covid pandemic has been a major impetus to boost this digital revolution in the country. However, as enterprises are shifting to digital platforms, and remote and hybrid work environments, the risk of cyber attacks like DNS attacks, data breaches, and phishing have also risen. Therefore, enterprises need to set up a robust cybersecurity framework to ensure data protection and a secure work network.

Shedding light on how the Clearing Corporation of India is managing to tackle the menace of cyberattacks, reinforcing its digital security and safeguarding data, Dinesh Phogat, Chief Information Security Officer at the Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. joined Express Computer in an exclusive interview. Mr. Phogat brought to light how enterprises should focus on plugging the gaps in security infrastructure to prevent data breaches. He also highlighted that lack of awareness among employees makes them vulnerable to phishing attacks. Therefore, executing mock phishing to identify weak links and holding awareness programs is the key. He emphasised that enterprises should develop a robust cybersecurity framework and reinforce their protection, detection, and response measures at regular intervals to ensure the systems and the networks are secured.

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