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QRNG technology to help Irish businesses fight cybercrime | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Quside, a quantum technology company, is working in partnership with Equinix, a digital technology company, to enable access for Irish businesses to the latest quantum random number generation (QRNG) technology.

This will be done to help Equinix customers build the strongest cryptographic foundation to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

The multinational company has led the way in facilitating access to quantum computing for businesses in Ireland recently, announcing partnerships with Oxford Quantum Computing and Alice & Bob in 2023.

QRNG and quantum cryptography are used to provide a defence for businesses as AI advancements are creating new forms of cybercrime.

The concept of randomness in cybersecurity is known as entropy and in cryptography, entropy creates unpredictable strings of random numbers, making it difficult for cybercriminals to predict patterns and hack into systems.

“Advanced cyber defences such as Quside’s quantum cryptography are becoming increasingly necessary to defend businesses in Ireland, and around the world, from bad actors,” said Peter Lantry, Managing Director, Equinix Ireland.

The QRNG will help Irish businesses defend themselves online.

“Equinix’s IBX data centres offer the perfect scalable solutions that can easily adapt to changing computational demands, allowing our (Quside) customers to effortlessly connect to and expand their quantum entropy capabilities as needed” said Carlos Abellan, CEO & co-founder, Quside.

Equinix was originally founded in California and set up in Dublin in 2000, while Quside was launched in Barcelona in 2017.

Photo: Carlos Abellan, CEO & co-founder, Quside


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