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Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed claims his X account was hacked by a person on his team | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp

Popular YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” recently revealed that his X account had been hacked and had been sharing many dubious crypto links. The content creator told his followers not to click on the links. He also disclosed that he was having trouble changing the password because he was on an airplane. All of the links have since been deleted after the streamer presumably got his account back.

In a more recent post shared by his friend and cameraman Slipz, IShowSpeed accused an “insider” of hacking him, stating:

“Yo, I don’t know who on my team or whoever I talk to or whoever I know. But this was an inside job. Because there is no other you could have hacked my account.”

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“I’m hacked, don’t click link”: Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed warns fans that his X account got hacked

In a clip shared extensively on X, IShowSpeed accused a person from his team of the hack. After claiming that only someone he knows and talks to could have done it, the Variety Streamer of the Year blasted the individual responsible, claiming that they “are done” for:

“I will get this figured out, and whoever that person is? You are done. This for sure was an inside job. For sure was. And when I find out who that person was, you are done, okay?”

He then proceeded to threaten the hacker:

“You keep forgetting that I got f*cking people, I got management, I got f*cking people who work for Twitter as higher-ups and all that sh**. And yes this was in LA, yes I know your location, it was LA. That’s all I have got to say about the person who hacked my Twitter and my Facebook.”

As a highly famous internet personality, IShowSpeed commands millions of fans from around the world. He had 2.5 million followers on X when his account got hacked.

The YouTuber got to tell his followers about the hack in a hastily written post, asking them to ignore all of the links being shared. In the now-deleted post, he wrote:

“I’m hacked don’t click link I’m on airplane I’m trying to change password but the airplane wifi is sh*t this sh*t is crazy”

The YouTuber tried to warn fans that he was hacked (Image via @fearedbuck/X)
The YouTuber tried to warn fans that he was hacked (Image via @fearedbuck/X)

In the screenshot above, one of the hacker’s posts with a dubious cryptocurrency named “ishowtoken” can be seen. Readers should note that all the posts with the links have been taken down.

Here are some reactions to the streamer’s threat against the hacker:

Online celebrities, content creators, and streamers are a prime target for crypto scammers. Last week, Rumble streamer Ricegum went through a similar situation when his X account was hacked.

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