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Part 1: Guarding against sophisticated threats: Strategies for your best defense | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

In the second episode of Threat Vector, Kristopher Russo, senior threat researcher at Unit 42, and David Moulton, discuss the threat landscape and take a deeper dive into the intricate workings of Muddled Libra (related to Scattered Spider and Scatter Swine). This formidable threat group poses significant challenges to telecommunications, technology and software automation industries.

Russo explains how Muddled Libra works, with a few distinguishing traits. Muddled Libra employs legitimate persistence tools from trusted vendors to fly under the radar to target firms with access to high-value cryptocurrency holders. The type of data Muddled Libra is after is also highly specific — and they are very persistent in finding it.

Muddled Libra has a signature move: exploit the 0ktapus phishing kit to craft believable authentication pages and manipulate victims through social engineering. What are some actionable steps businesses can take to safeguard the cyber environment? Tune in and stay updated.

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