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Over 100,000 Hackers Have Details Exposed By Malware | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Cybercrime forums with members impacted include,,, and alone had 57,000 compromised users.

Interestingly, “passwords from Cybercrime forums are stronger than passwords used for Government websites,” Hudson Rock said, and “exhibit fewer “very weak” passwords than industries like the military.”

Infostealing Malware on the Rise

Infostealing malware is a class of malicious software designed to extract important information from target computers.

Once it pierces a given device’s defenses, the malware will execute and search the computer’s systems for passwords, bank details, and other sensitive information.

Infostealers make their way onto victims’ devices through a variety of different attack vectors, including phishing emails, fraudulent websites, and shady phone applications.

Hudson Rock says in their report that infostealing malware as cybercrime has increased by 6000% since 2018, with the main culprits being RedLine, Racoon, and Azorult. Other info stealers like Vidar have been around for years and still carry a present threat.


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