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Online Friendship Turns Dark: Hubballi Retiree Threatened with Nude Photo Upload – Hubli News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Hubballi: Miscreants have once again highlighted the alarming lack of restrictions in their pursuit of cybercrime, targeting individuals across various demographics, including the educated, uneducated, youth, women, and even the elderly. A recent incident in Hubballi serves as a stark reminder of this reality, as a 64-year-old resident fell victim to the manipulative tactics of a cyber trickster who subjected him to a distressing case of blackmail.

According to the Cyber Crime Police, the unfortunate victim, a retired bank employee residing in Vidyanagar, became acquainted with an individual online, initiating what seemed like an innocuous connection. The police further revealed that the senior citizen received an unsolicited call on his WhatsApp, and thus commenced the foundation of their digital friendship.

In a more recent turn of events, the retired bank employee found himself in a troubling predicament. He received a series of photos and videos from this online acquaintance, with his own face maliciously superimposed onto explicit imagery. This distressing content was then used as leverage, with the woman demanding a sum of money to prevent the dissemination of these manipulated materials across various social media platforms.

The situation escalated when the blackmailer, during a video call, proceeded to record the interaction, subsequently manipulating the footage to incorporate the victim’s face alongside the indecent visuals. Recognizing the severity of the threat he was facing, the victim took decisive action and approached the Cyber Crime Police for assistance. Consequently, a formal case has been registered.

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