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Online Fraud: 53 Arrested In A Month In City Linked To 470 Online Fraud Cases Filed Across Country: Cops | Gurgaon News | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

GURGAON: Arrested in 22 cases of cybercrimes registered in the city, the 53 suspects who were held in October are allegedly involved in another 448 cases of online frauds registered across different states, police said on Wednesday.

The 53 suspects are linked to alleged frauds in which a total of Rs 56 crore was amassed from online users, said DCP (south) Siddhant Jain.

According to police, all the accused are below the age of 40 and were mostly involved in ‘task-based’ cybercrimes. These involve giving online ussers a task such as reviewing hotels, etc. They would primarily target educated and working online users searching for alternative sources of income, the DCP said.

Jain said the arrests were made as part of Gurgaon police had launched its drive in October, observed as the cybercrime awareness month.

“We arrested all the suspects who were found to be involved in a total of 470 cybercrime cases across India. We were able to uncover such a huge amount by cross-referencing each case with the I4C portal. These cases have varied timelines,” the DCP said.

To address cybercrimes, the Union home ministry has set up the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C), which includes a dedicated helpline (1930) and an online portal that maintains a database of all cases of online frauds reported across the country. It also records details of SIM cards flagged in complaints and the IMEI numbers used by fraudsters.

“It is important for police to cross-check the details of the accused every time they apprehend a cybercriminal with I4C portal. This way, we can ascertain the history and gravity of the crimes committed by the accused. Moreover, we can prevent them from getting bail and secure stricter punishments based on their history. It also helps uncover cases that were not previously traced by other states,” the DCP added.

On the Rs 56 crore calculation, Jain said investigators had summed up the fraud amount in all cases against the accused.

“It’s a challenge to give an accurate estimate of recovery of this amount solely by the Gurgaon police because such cases have been registered at police stations across India. Regarding the 22 cases in the city, we will reveal the amount soon,” he said.

On April 27 this year, hundreds of cops raided 300 spots in Nuh and detained 125 suspects, of which 65 were later arrested, in Haryana’s largest ever crackdown against cybercrime. Investigators believe this network of fraudsters operated from Nuh, and adjoining districts of Rajasthan and UP – an area now known as ‘new Jamtara’, named after the Jharkhand town famous for cybercrimes.


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