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Oklahoma cybersecurity experts say virtual health care and cybercrime are growing | #cybercrime | #infosec | #hacking | #aihp

A spate of cyber breaches at some of the state’s largest health care providers have left many Oklahomans questioning the integrity and security of their health care services. The frequency and severity of these attacks will only increase as health care becomes increasingly virtual and health cybercrime continues to pay.

Health care cyber breaches across the country have more than doubled since 2018, mainly because health systems are vulnerable and lucrative targets. Just like energy pipelines or airports, health systems are “critical infrastructure.” Holding patient data at ransom via cyber attack can be a life-or-death circumstance. Faced with this dilemma, health systems frequently pay significant ransoms for swift recovery of services and mitigate legal liability. Moreover, stolen patient data is wildly lucrative on the dark web, so hackers are further incentivized to target health care.

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