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Newspaper headlines: Asbestos fears and MoD ‘hit by hackers’ | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker | #hacking | #aihp

2 September 2023

Updated 42 minutes ago

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A mix of stories make up the front of Sunday’s newspapers. The Observer’s lead focuses on the issue of defective concrete which has dominated the news since schools began to return at the end of last week. The paper has an exclusive interview with a “senior civil service whistleblower” who has told the paper that Tory ministers and their advisers were “dangerously complacent” about aerated concrete, and were “more concerned with saving money than improving safety”. The front of the paper also trails an interview with Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who is set to compete in Strictly Come Dancing.

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The front page of the Sunday Times also focuses on the concrete issue, tying it to its own campaign for the phased removal of asbestos from schools and hospitals. It reports “scores of public buildings caught up in the crumbing concrete crisis are also likely to be riddled with deadly asbestos”. The paper has some other interesting stories on its front page, one of which looks at actions by former defence secretary Ben Wallace, who is accused of “causing a diplomatic incident with the US” after threatening to cancel an order of US-made helicopters.

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The front of the Sunday People also leads with the story about defective concrete, with a story warning 7,000 more schools could be affected.

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“MoD hit by hackers” reads the headline on the front of the Sunday Mirror, with an exclusive about Russian hackers accessing details about “security at Britain’s nuclear weapons base. It describes it as a “major breach” with affected sites including a chemical weapon lab and nuclear submarine base. It says details of the hack have been published on the dark web.

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The Daily Mail has an interview with the chief executive of Tesco, saying he has taken the “drastic move” of having staff wear body cameras to deter people from attacking them. The paper reports more than 200 of the supermarket’s employees are victims of assault each month “amid an epidemic of lawlessness and anti-social behaviour”.

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The Sunday Express leads on a story about the government’s pledge to halve inflation by the end of the year, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt saying the country is on course to keep its promise.

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“Sunak defies net zero ban on new airports” reads the headline of the Sunday Telegraph’s lead story. The prime minister plans to push ahead with airport expansions against the guidance of the government’s climate advisers, it reports. The paper also has a picture of King Charles wearing a “new kind of tartan” during a visit to the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering.

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And finally the Daily Star goes with “I’ve found my Mr Ride”, the bizarre tale about a woman who has apparently fallen in love… with a rollercoaster.

What the Sunday Times calls the “crumbling concrete crisis” features on the front of several of the Sunday papers.

That newspaper says scores of public buildings affected are also likely to be “riddled” with asbestos. It has seen NHS documents from nearly a dozen hospitals, including West Suffolk, where an assessment from April warned of the “catastrophic” and “likely” risk of potential failure of the main hospital building.

A senior civil service whistleblower tells the Observer ministers have been “dangerously complacent” about crumbling school buildings.

The warning from the chief executive of Tesco about increasing attacks on his staff is the main story in the Mail on Sunday.

Writing in the paper, Kevin Murphy says everyone deserves to be safe at work and he reveals that staff are being offered body cameras. The paper says more than 200 of the supermarket’s employees are victims of serious physical assaults every month.

“MoD hit by hackers” is the headline in the Sunday Mirror. It says hackers, linked to Russia, have seized details about security at Britain’s nuclear weapons bases by targeting a company which provides fencing for the sites.

The paper says data on the Faslane naval base, the chemical weapons base at Porton Down, and a GCHQ listening post were accessed, with details published on the dark web.

The Sunday Express reports on an upbeat message from the chancellor, saying he believes Rishi Sunak is on course to fulfil his promise to halve inflation by Christmas. “Our plan is working. The government is unlocking the UK’s potential” declares Jeremy Hunt. But Labour has accused the chancellor of being” out of touch”, and leaving working people “worse off”.

The Times says American bank Citi has begun monitoring how often its 12,500 staff in the UK come into the office. The paper says the bank may dock the bonuses of those who don’t turn up at least three days a week in what it describes as the latest sign that big employers are trying to get employees back to their desks after Covid.


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