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Microsoft details energy efficiency improvements in Edge 106 | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge | #hacking | #aihp

Earlier this month, Microsoft released Edge 106 to all users in the Stable channel. Besides some not-so-impressive changes in the release notes, the latest version of Microsoft’s browser focuses on improving its energy efficiency by adding a few extra features for the built-in efficiency mode.

Microsoft introduced efficiency mode for the Edge browser in version 101. According to the company, it can give users 25 minutes of extra battery life (on average), and our recent browser efficiency test showed that efficiency mode indeed makes computers last longer. Now Microsoft Edge has even better battery-saving tools.

Edge 106 offers several extra options for its efficiency mode. The browser uses the “Balanced Savings” option by default, which takes reasonable steps to save battery without noticeable slowdowns. The browser will take a more aggressive approach when your device enters battery saver mode (Windows) or reaches 20% of battery (Mac), resulting in worse performance and a less smooth experience.

Those who want to squeeze every bit of battery juice can opt for the “Maximum savings” option. In this mode, Edge applies every possible energy-saving measure, trading-off speed for battery life.

Another noteworthy change in Microsoft Edge 106 is the option to keep the battery saver on when connected to power. This ensures your device consumes less energy to reduce carbon emissions, similar to how Windows Update tries to be more eco-friendly and “green.”

Microsoft says the updated battery efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge 106 is currently rolling out to customers, so you may need to wait a few more days before the feature reaches your computer. You can learn more about the latest efficiency improvements in Microsoft Edge 106 in a post on Microsoft’s Tech Community forums.

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