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Mapping Cybercrime Trends in India: Contribute To India’s Cybercrime Research By Future Crime Research Foundation | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

NEW DELHI: As the technological landscape continues to evolve, the ever-increasing reliance on the digital realm exposes society to new forms of crime.

In a concerted effort to understand and combat cybercrime, the Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) is pleased to announce the commencement of Pan India whitepaper on “Cybercrime Trends in India.”

Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) invite cyber experts, private investigators, law enforcement officers, research bodies, think tanks, and cyber law experts to contribute their invaluable data, statistics, and expert opinions on various categories of cybercrime prevalent in the country.

The whitepaper aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the following eight categories of cybercrime:

  1. Online and Social Media Related Crime
  • Cheating by Impersonation
  • Cyber Bullying/Stalking/Sexting
  • Email Phishing
  • Fake/Impersonation Profile
  • Impersonating Email
  • Intimidating Email
  • Online Job Fraud
  • Online Matrimonial Fraud
  • Profile Hacking/Identity Theft
  • Provocative Speech for Unlawful Act
  1. Online Financial Fraud
  • Business Email Compromise/E-mail Takeover
  • Debit/Credit Card Fraud/SIM Swap Fraud
  • Demat/Depository Fraud
  • E-Wallet Related Fraud
  • Fraud Call/Vishing
  • Internet Banking Related Fraud
  • UPI Fraud
  1. Hacking/Damage to Computer, Computer System etc.
  • Damage to Computer, Computer System, etc.
  • E-mail Hacking
  • Tampering with Computer Source Documents
  • Unauthorized Access/Data Breach
  • Website Defacement/Hacking
  1. Online Cyber Trafficking
  2. Online Gambling
  3. Ransomware
  4. Cryptocurrency Crime
  5. Cyber Terrorism


Through this initiative, Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) aim to foster collaboration between experts in the field and raise awareness about the emerging trends and challenges in combating cybercrime.

As India grapples with an upsurge in online criminal activities, insights from specialists like you will be instrumental in formulating effective strategies to safeguard the digital ecosystem.

Experts are encouraged to share their research, case studies, and any relevant data that shed light on the dynamics of cybercrime in India. Insights into the modus operandi of cybercriminals, statistics on reported incidents, and success stories of investigation and prevention are highly valued.

Interested readers can submit their contributions via email to by August 12, 2023. We welcome both individual and institutional submissions, and all contributions will be duly credited in the final whitepaper.

Together, let us empower India with knowledge to protect its digital citizens and reinforce cybersecurity measures for a safer and more resilient cyberspace.



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