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Kungkei: Address rising cyber crime issues in Bougainville | #cybercrime | #computerhacker


MORE awareness is now needed on cyber crime especially in schools, rural communities and in every household.

Political and human rights activist on Bougainville Justine Kungkei said the internet has now been really abused by users mainly scammers.

“We are fighting a new war and people need to know which side they are on, right now school aged children have access to the internet and are using it wildly without realising that they may be right they may be wrong or are they committing a crime?” Mr Kungkei said.

“Scammers are now taking the opportunity to commit daylight robbery and stealing from people cash, politicians are now using it to spoil one another, this is all wrong and they need to know the consequences when they commit cyber crime.

“I now call upon and appeal to all the relevant authorities including all mobile phone companies, Censorship Board, NICTA, the NIO, (National Intelligence Organisation) the police.

“These bodies will need to produce pamphlets posters and even videos, they need to travel to schools communities, and they need to explain the dangers and how much money they will pay for committing cyber crime, the penalties and how many years you spend in prison if you get caught.

“There are young boys and girls on Facebook using fake accounts putting pictures of pretty girls on their pro pics lying to working class people and getting cash and flex cards from them it’s a common practice now amongst school kids, they just don’t know it’s wrong.”


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