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‘Knights Law’ petition calls for harsher penalties for convicted child sex offenders | Local & State | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #hacking | #aihp

OKMULGEE COUNTY, Okla. − A petition aiming to keep convicted child sex offenders behind bars is the newest fight that families of the five innocent teens are taking on.

We’ve been sharing the heartbreak families of Ivy Webster, Brittany Brewer, Rylee Allen, Tiffany Guess, and Michael Mayo have been feeling. They’re also fighting for harsher punishments for those convicted with child sex crimes. The goals is to keep what happened in Henryetta from happening to anyone ever again.

“I’m angry, cause this all could have been prevented,” said Justin Webster. His daughter Ivy, 14, was one of the children killed.

Tears of sadness are the driving force for change. As Justin Webster showed us Ivys Garden on their land he shared his call to lawmakers to revoke rights from those convicted of a child sex crime.

Every sexual offense, especially for a minor, should be a capital punishment. You should be put to death or rot in prison the rest of your life. Thats what I want, thats what we want, thats what America wants. This cant happen again, we cant have anymore of this, said Webster.

The Knights Law petition is making its way online. With close to 2,000 signatures, Webster is hoping its the key to change. He hopes it catches the attention of more lawmakers.

Its going to take we the people to raise our voices and actually make changes, and its going to take you guys as reporters to continue to push our message, said Webster.

The petition was started by a woman who wants the light to shine on the teenagers who were killed.

While the loss is hard to carry. Webster says he knows Ivys with him. He feels her right beside him as he shares her story and will continue until laws are passed.

We want these people locked up forever, we want funding for law enforcement, especially those who are out, we want to be able to keep tabs on them, said Webster.


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