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Kerala Police Crack Down on 70 Illegal Money Lending Apps Exploiting Loan Seekers | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Kerala Police Cyber Wing has successfully dismantled over 70 illegal money lending apps, notorious for exploiting borrowers and stealing personal data. These clandestine operations targeted vulnerable individuals seeking quick loans and ensnared them in a web of deception, resorting to blackmail when faced with payment delays.

Exploiting Vulnerability: Predatory Loan Apps

Previously available on Google Play Store, these illicit applications specifically targeted underprivileged families seeking easy loans with minimal formalities. The unsuspecting victims were lured with promises of swift loans and enticing job prospects. The modus operandi of the fraudulent operators involved utilizing social media pages, instant messaging apps, spam links, and deceptive internet calls, particularly exploiting the uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Law Enforcement Takes Action

In a focused response, Kerala Police has cracked down on these illegal operations, initiating an investigation into the suspected operators behind this nefarious trade. The police have also identified additional suspicious apps involved in the illegal financial business, aiming for their swift removal.

Cry for Justice: Seeking Recourse

In Kozhikode district alone, there have been 70 registered cases, and an alarming 300 individuals have sought police assistance to recover their lost funds. Although some victims have managed to retrieve their money, the suspects remain at large. The affected individuals are fervently demanding justice for the injustices inflicted upon them.

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International Collaboration and Helplines for Aid

The Kerala Police Cyber Wing, cognizant of the challenges posed by fraudsters operating from foreign countries, has initiated collaborative efforts with international investigation agencies. This collaboration aims to track down these criminals and bring them to justice, despite the complexities involved.

The establishment of a special State-level helpline, 9497980900, has witnessed a surge in registered cases, allowing individuals to file complaints promptly in various formats – voice messages, photos, texts, and videos. The Cyber Police helpline, 1930, is available 24×7, further enhancing accessibility to report cybercrimes.

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Community Resilience: Ethical Hackers and Cyberdome Join Forces

With the increasing number of complaints, a dedicated team of ethical hackers is collaborating with the Kerala Police Cyberdome to bolster cybersecurity efforts. Their concerted action aims to purify the virtual space and expedite the identification and removal of fraudulent apps. Complainants are encouraged to provide comprehensive evidence of extortion, a crucial step for effective policing against illegal gaming apps targeting youngsters.

As the Kerala Police takes proactive steps to combat online financial fraud, community involvement and vigilance are vital to ensuring a safe digital landscape for all. The battle against cybercrime continues, with authorities and citizens standing united to protect the vulnerable and bring perpetrators to justice.


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