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Kaspersky honoured by Singapore Police for cybercrime efforts | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

Kaspersky, the global cybersecurity and digital privacy company, has been recognised for the second consecutive year by the Singapore Police Forces (SPF) Alliance of Public PrivAte Cybercrime sTakeholders (APPACT) for its contributions to building a more cyber resilient world.

The company joined APPACT in 2022 and has since been active in partnering with the SPF to enhance the cybersecurity landscape in Singapore. Its contributions to the alliance include the sharing of technical expertise, threat intelligence data, and capacity-building efforts for the local law enforcement ecosystem. Notably, Kaspersky was one of the active supporters in detecting and preventing cybercrime.

In addition to this partnership, Kaspersky has been a stalwart in analysing the most advanced cyber threats. Earlier this year, its researchers reported on a new mobile Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign known as ‘Operation Triangulation.’ This operation targeted iOS devices via iMessage, utilising previously unknown malware. Kaspersky not only issued warnings to the public about these spyware implants but also released a utility to detect this specific infection.

Kaspersky received the APPACT Appreciation Award alongside several other technology companies, including Paypal, Meta, Google, and Lazada. The award recognises organisations for their commitment to making the digital world safer through collaborations across public and private sectors and numerous national law enforcement agencies.

Upon receiving the award, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, expressed his gratitude. He said, “We are honoured to have won an APPACT Appreciation Award for the second year running. The award recognises our ongoing mission to build a safer world through partnerships across the global cybersecurity ecosystem with both the public and private sectors plus national law enforcement agencies worldwide. The most effective approach in building such a safer world and deterring cybercrime is through collaboration. We will continue to share our experience, expertise and technical findings to combat cybercrime worldwide, and we are proud to collaborate with the Singapore Police Force in this great cause.”

APPACT, established by the SPF CyberCrime Commands (CCC), serves as a public-private industry platform to share information among partners regarding suspicious cybercrime activities and the latest trends. The partners of APPACT include telecommunication operators, financial institutions, cybersecurity firms, social media companies, and cryptocurrency businesses, among others.


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