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Johnny Depp Warns Fans About Huge Social Media Scam | #socialmedia | #hacking | #aihp

By James Brizuela
| 3 weeks ago

Johnny Depp is just a couple of weeks into joining social media, and things have already gone south for the actor. Well, that’s to say things have gone south for his adoring fans. Apparently, now might not have been the best time to join social media, what with the prevalent fake personas and profiles attempting to pose as celebrities and attempt to weasel money out of people online. That is certainly the case for Depp, as the man had to create and archive a PSA on his Instagram account so that people know he isn’t reaching out to anyone with fake accounts and teams that handle these accounts. You can see the post below:

The usual case for most celebrities is that they are subject to fake accounts pretending to be them and asking for money most of the time. That could have been the case for Johnny Depp, as these fake accounts could have been posing as his team members working alongside the actor and roping people into giving away their private information or outright asking for money. Depp has since claimed that he does not work with a social media team and has listed all his accounts in the above post. Most of the time, fake accounts contain a number or letter that is misplaced from the real account’s name.

Shortly after Johnny Depp had won his case, he joined TikTok, and his account ballooned in followers. In a day’s time, the account had seen over 3 million subscribers, which is a massive amount of people. Depp had been away in the UK, performing with rock icon, Jeff Beck. Even while the verdict was being read in court, Depp remained overseas for his performances. Shortly after the verdict went heavily in his favor, he posted a massive thank you to his fans on his Instagram account. He then joined TikTok and thanked his fans again by showing some behind-the-scenes footage of his performances with Beck. Clearly, he rejoined social media in a big way just days after his big courtroom win, so naturally, there are those who are trying to exploit that. Be wary, folks.

Johnny Depp exploded back into the public eye in a big way after it was proven in court that he was absolved of any wrongdoing in his defamation lawsuit. Well, one count of defamation did go Amber Heard’s way. Now that he is a free man, it looks as though he is going to be a bit more forward with his public life. Not the public marriage life he had to share in court, but what he is up to in his day-to-day on social media. At least he was able to speak to fans directly about these fake accounts posing as him.

Johnny Depp could eventually return to Pirates of the Caribbean, as has been rumored in the past few weeks. Though he said he would not in court, things might change if Disney offers their support of the man. Well, that and offering him a ton of money to return as well. Just be on the lookout for these fake accounts, and don’t let anyone steal your rum.

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