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It’s important to make cybersecurity effortless, says Resonance Security’s CEO Charles Dray | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

It’s important to make cybersecurity effortless, says Resonance Security’s CEO Charles Dray

2024-03-21 17:33:34 ET

In an exclusive interview with Invezz, Charles Dray, CEO of

Resonance Security

, emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity and why any organization with a growth-focused mindset should incorporate it.

With security breaches happening frequently, what key challenges do companies face, and how does Resonance Security tackle these issues?

Companies often face a dilemma between spending all of their time and money on growth, versus splitting their attention and spending a fraction of their time and money on cybersecurity.

Oftentimes, projects determine that growth should be their full focus, and while that leaves them in a better situation for growth, it places them in a more vulnerable situation for cybersecurity.

With threats growing more sophisticated, frequent, and full-spectrum, projects end up in a very uncomfortable situation when they do not take the proper precautions very early.

That means looking at the security of their web2 stack as well as their web3 stack as they are preparing to deliver to the public.

For long term success, the growth-focused mindset should incorporate cybersecurity, but unfortunately, the pressures projects face from their investors, community, and internal priorities make that very difficult.

Resonance helps projects at any stage by making the process easy, and holistic, for any budget, timeframe, scope, and technical level.

The platform also evolves with the times by considering the impacts previous attacks have historically had on projects and provides clear customized guidance without the extra clutter.

Projects can continue to focus on growth without having to sacrifice security.

What common cybersecurity mistakes do companies make, and how can they avoid these pitfalls according to Resonance’s perspective?

We’ve seen over and over again that projects only focus on one priority item when shopping for cybersecurity engagements.

That usually means a smart contract audit for web3 projects and a web application penetration test for web2 projects.

The web3 projects often focus on checking the smart contract audit box as a means to demonstrate to their community and investors that they have taken steps to be secure.

But the reality is that the web3 components often tie into the web2 components like the applications and cloud environment, operational security and more, but projects seem to overlook that.

Maybe because of the cost and time associated with a bigger engagement, maybe because they don’t have the time or the research or technical expertise, or maybe because the security companies they are speaking with just don’t cover that scope or don’t bother to ask.

The web2 projects are often concerned with convincing their auditors that they have covered all the checkboxes for their compliance procedures.

They often forget about operational security, security awareness, data leak detection, continuous vulnerability detection, and thorough penetration testing of their systems beyond surface level because they feel “safe enough”.

We’ve had projects even tell us that they use automated detection tools, and they feel that those tools alone fully cover them.

Unfortunately, the reality is that that comfort is artificial because the product sales people they speak with are great at making projects comfortable and love suggesting their offering as the magic bullet.

The cybersecurity product and services industry is quite competitive, and most often the sale speople suggesting solutions are not engineers, don’t truly understand what’s under the client’s hood, and they focus on closing the deal.

This is a detriment to the space, because security is not 100%, especially using only one product or service. Resonance’s cybersecurity aggregation platform takes that into account, and provides thoughtful guidance on how to effectively implement full stack protection.

Can you explain what sets Resonance’s cybersecurity platform apart from others and how it meets the unique needs of businesses today?

Resonance is a full-spectrum cybersecurity aggregation platform for every technical level, scope, budget, and timeframe.

It does not focus on only one client profile like other solutions often do, but rather it offers a notification and guidance system.

This pinpoints a project’s specific profiles, what they have done so far for cybersecurity, and maps out a plan of attack to cover their current gaps while providing insights on evolving attacks and how to avoid them.

It analyzes the pitfalls that other projects have experienced and helps projects not repeat that history.

Furthermore, the Resonance platform covers web2, web3, and emerging technologies so projects can feel at home no matter what their growth plan is while helping them slice through the noise.

Resonance is a game-changer in the cybersecurity space because it eliminates clutter, and allows projects to enjoy a customized experience without pressuring them into segmented, ineffective, and time-consuming solutions.

With Resonance’s V1 release, what standout features should users look forward to, and how will it impact the cybersecurity scene?

It was built keeping everyone in mind and is optimised for both web and mobile users.

It includes features like storage of all cybersecurity activity, risk analysis, full-spectrum security scoring, remediation guidance, threat notifications, phishing campaigns, data leak detection, vulnerability scanning, cybersecurity news and more.

Resonance even offers marketing and sharing tools so projects can determine how they would like to share their cybersecurity confidence with their community, investors, exchanges, and regulators to prove they have taken security seriously way beyond just a pdf audit report.

As the demand for digital assets and life online grows more pertinent, what can we expect from Resonance Security to address specific new cybersecurity threats?

Resonance is continuously expanding its team of cybersecurity professionals with complementary skill sets to further amplify R&D efforts and stay in tune with existing and emerging threat vectors being pursued by major global hacking groups.

Research is an important piece of the puzzle, because with the data related to entry points and honeypots for hackers, we will be able to pinpoint the gaps to help projects and individuals implement barriers to avoid those forthcomings.

We’ve noticed that hacking groups are not only focused on web3 targets despite being highly profitable, but they are leveraging gaps in foundational technologies that can impact any project and any individual.

Hacking groups are relentless in their efforts to expose and benefit from weaknesses in technologies we all rely on, and it is Resonance’s goal to help society patch these vectors before it is too late.

It’s important to make cybersecurity effortless for users regardless of their technical level and budget, or they will be left behind, keeping the doors wide open for attackers.

It’s time to make a change now, and that’s what we are here to do.

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It’s important to make cybersecurity effortless, says Resonance Security’s CEO Charles Dray

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