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Amidst the dynamic shifts within the cybersecurity world, where each digital step forward unveils new challenges, organizations face a relentless pursuit to secure their virtual domains. Against this backdrop, we delved into the pulse of cybersecurity trends at the World CyberCon India’s second edition in Mumbai.

Our guide through this labyrinth of digital defense was none other than Ambarish Kumar Singh, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Godrej & Boyce – a manufacturing powerhouse rooted in the legacy of the Godrej Group since 1897.

As the guardian of cybersecurity and risk management for this venerable institution, Singh’s insights resonate as a beacon in deciphering the imminent trends that will sculpt the cybersecurity trends in 2024.

During the interaction with The Cyber Express team, Singh shared his perspectives on the cybersecurity trends expected to shape the landscape in 2024, emphasizing the importance of simplicity, technology consolidation, and the role of top management in fostering a robust cybersecurity culture.

Cybersecurity Trends: Technology Consolidation

Singh acknowledges the current plethora of OEMs and technologies addressing specific security risks, emphasizing a shift towards consolidation in the near future. He envisions a scenario where single platforms with multiple functionalities will dominate, simplifying the monitoring process.

“A single platform with multiple functionalities will become the norm. This allows for a simplified approach – a single console where components seamlessly communicate to address varied cybersecurity risks,” notes Singh.

Moreover, he highlights the integration of Generative AI capabilities, predicting that leveraging this technology will empower cybersecurity defenses. As organizations increasingly harness the power of AI, the battle against cyber threats becomes more sophisticated and adaptive.

The Rise of Deepfake Technology

Discussing a concerning trend, Singh delves into the growing prevalence of deepfake technology and its potential impact on cybersecurity. He attributes the rise to the widespread availability and simplicity of the technology, making it accessible to a broader audience.

“The ease with which deepfake technology can be deployed raises the risk of more cyber incidents involving manipulated videos, audios, and other fabricated content,” warns Singh.

His insights shed light on the urgency for organizations to fortify their defenses against deepfake attacks, highlighting the need for advanced detection and mitigation strategies.

Role of Top Management in Cybersecurity

Singh highlights the pivotal role of top management in the success of any cybersecurity program.

“For any program to be successful in an organization, top management support is important because they set the tone for the organization,” Godrej & Boyce CISO states.

The leadership’s commitment and agenda-setting become the foundation for cultivating a cybersecurity-aware culture across all levels of the organization.

Recognizing employees as the first line of defense, Singh emphasizes ongoing efforts at Godrej & Boyce to instill a cyber-aware culture.

Through continuous training, education, and awareness programs, the organization aims to enhance the cybersecurity posture by ensuring that employees are well-equipped to recognize and mitigate potential threats.

Final Thoughts

Ambarish Kumar Singh’s insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in 2024, emphasizing the need for technological adaptation, vigilance against deepfake threats, and the crucial role of top management in fostering a resilient cybersecurity culture.

As organizations navigate the ever-changing digital space, embracing these insights will be pivotal in fortifying their defenses and staying one step ahead in the ongoing battle against cyber threats.

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