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Inside EDGE – OryxLabs: providing cybersecurity from internet threats | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

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One of the lates addition to the EDGE ecosystem, it was acquired in July 2023, OryxLabs is specialised in protecting companies from internet-based cyberthreats. While providing its services to external customers, it obviously ensures cybersecurity to EDGE entities

A young company, it was established in 2020, it is based at the 21st floor of the iconic Aldar Headquarters building, the first circular building in the Middle East, which construction is based on a structural diagonal grid of steel, or diagrid. A futuristic location that goes well with the OryxLabs business.

“Since our birth we specialised in monitoring internet threats and protecting customers networks from those threats,” Sumit Dhar, OryxLabs Chairman and Executive Officer explained. “We focus on hiring the right people, and we currently have a workforce of around 60 personnel, from 22 different nationalities, this diversity being one of our strengths,” he stated, all being experts in Data Science, AI, Security research, and Big Data.

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A dedicate team is handling Information Technology security throughout the EDGE Group. The group entities become in fact the first users, testing all products developed by OryxLabs before those are fielded in the wider customers’ community. The internal Research and Development department provides key inputs for developments, which ensure products improvements, together with inputs coming from customers.

One of the best-selling products is the DNS (Domain Name System) Firewall; it is designed to protects users from malware, unauthorized or inappropriate web content, analyzing DNS queries and taking actions in real-time to mitigate malicious threats and making the network inherently more secure. “This system covers over 50 contact categories, has a latency of only 15 ms, ensures a 99% active web coverage, has a 99.99% uptime and availability,” explains the company CEO.

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The other main product is Discovery, an external attack surface and digital risk protection solution that monitors and detects internet-facing assets, domains, vulnerabilities, open ports, certificates, Indicators of compromises, breached accounts, suspicious domains, and products and technologies providing actionable insights for decision making.

In late October 2023 OryxLabs launched its most recent product, Cyber360, a cybersecurity designed to streamline regulatory and compliance management by automating data collection across different entities and compliance standards. It also evaluates the cybersecurity posture of an organisation’s supply chain, vendors, and partners, to provide an additional layer of security.

Currently OryxLabs provides its products and services to around 400 entities in the region, the company also leading tools and platforms as open-source products. These are mostly large companies, however OryxLabs products are scalable and the company is adapting them to customers’ needs and size. Most clients are involved in the defence business and come from the region, only two of them being from outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. “The quality of our work becomes evident when we see that 100% of our customers reenlist year after year,” Sumit Dhar concluded. The company now aims at widening its footprint, and besides extending its reach within the GCC area it is looking to other promising regions such as Asia-Pacific, South America and part of Europe.

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