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Innovative projects to research future cybercrime in Germany | #cybercrime | #computerhacker

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02/19/2024 15:10

Innovative projects to research future cybercrime in Germany

Cyberagentur invites tenders for interdisciplinary research project

Innovative projects to research future cybercrime in Germany

The Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH (Cyberagentur) calls for proposals for two competitions on Future Cybercrime on 14 February 2024. These competitions explore the future developments with regard to the interaction of technological, cultural and structural aspects in cybercrime.

Cybercrime is a serious and growing problem in Germany whose scale can hardly be assessed because of a limited availability of reliable data. Private individuals are affected to varying degrees, as are companies and public authorities. In general, there is a great need to develop the ability to anticipate cybercrime and its development.

Given this background, the Cyberagentur’s call for tenders addresses the urgent need of law enforcement authorities for advanced pattern recognition and analysis as well as future analysis in the field of cybercrime. Previous reports such as Europol’s IOCTA report, the BKA’s Federal Cybercrime Report and the BSI’s IT Security Situation Report provide a thorough analysis of current developments. Yet, they do not explore future trends or country-specific differences such as cultural and structural conditions.

The aim of the tender is therefore to identify future developments and manifestations of cybercrime in Germany and Europe at an early stage in order to be able to act proactively and develop advanced investigative approaches. These insights will enable future disruptive research to strengthen cybersecurity and societal resilience as well as help law enforcement authorities in their fight against cybercrime.

The advertised call for research comprises two subprojects. The competition in the first subproject focuses on the early detection of global developments in cybercrime through pattern recognition and analysis. The aim is to develop an early warning system that considers the cultural and structural conditions of different countries. The competition in the second subproject aims to produce forecasts of how cybercrime in Germany will be influenced by technological change over the next 5-15 years. By taking cultural and structural factors into account, it should be possible to make forecasts and draft options for action that are specifically tailored to national conditions.

The competition is organized into three phases for each subproject. In phase 1, a project proposal needs to be created, which should then be transformed into a detailed concept in phase 2. A jury, consisting of representatives from the Cyberagentur, national security authorities and the scientific community, will then evaluate these detailed concepts. The final phase 3 comprises the implementation of the most promising concept for each subproject.

With these advanced research missions, Germany positions itself at the forefront of cybercrime research. It does not merely react to current threats but actively develops future-oriented strategies and solutions.

The invitation to tender with the contract number 102877-2024 was published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union: The end of the call for entries is 18 March 2024, 13:00.

Further information:

Contact us:

Michael Lindner
Press spokesman for the Cyberagentur
Phone: +49 151 44150 645

Background: Cyberagentur

The Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH (Cyberagentur) was founded by the Federal Government of Germany in 2020 as a fully in-house company of the Federal Government under the joint leadership of the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community with the aim of adopting a cross-departmental view of internal and external security in the field of cybersecurity with a focus on application strategy. Against this backdrop, the work of the Cyberagentur is largely aimed at the institutionalized implementation of highly innovative projects that are associated with a high risk in terms of achieving the objectives, but at the same time can have a very high potential for disruption if successful.

The Cyberagentur is part of the National Security Strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Cyberagentur is headed by Prof Dr Christian Hummert as Research Director and Managing Director and Daniel Mayer as Commercial Director.

Contact for scientific information:

Dr. Nicole Selzer

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Dr Nicole Selzer, Research Officer Secure Society. Cyberagentur invites tenders for interdisciplinary research project: Innovative projects for research into future cybercrime in Germany.

Dr Nicole Selzer, Research Officer Secure Society. Cyberagentur invites tenders for interdisciplinar …
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