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How to spot online romance scams – Marin Independent Journal | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans | #hacking | #aihp


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Looking for romance online can find you a soulmate, but it can also be a financial trap for the unwary.

Scammers often lurk on dating sites posing as potential partners for love. Some fraudsters will use your publicly available online information to fabricate a shared set of common interests. They will slowly develop the relationship until they gain your trust.

Once you trust them, they will create a financial emergency requiring your assistance. Often the emergency will be detailed and sound genuine. They will rush you into transferring money. Alternatively, the scammer may persuade you to send them money to invest in an urgent opportunity. In either case, the scammer will typically isolate victims from friends and family to prevent outside opinions. Show any monetary requests to a trusted friend or family member and get their opinion. As a rule, be wary of online romances with anyone who asks you for money.

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