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How To Land a Remote, Six-Figure Cybersecurity Job in Just 45 Days | by Ben Rothke | Feb, 2024 | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware | #hacking | #aihp

Yes, the histrionic title of this article is an actual claim being made. But can it be true? Read on.

YouTube is a veritable land of opportunity. There are countless ads about how a person can make it big in everything from commercial real estate, bonds, liens, Amazon sales, and much more.

So when I saw an ad from Tolulope Michael claiming he has a system to help someone with no IT background, experience, or college degree land a six-figure cybersecurity job in 45 days, my caveat emptor antenna went up.

He claims his system will get prestigious organizations rushing to employ you in their $100,000+ job offers.

He claims that there are five simple steps to do that. But the only way to find those steps is via his course. He is selling what he claims is a $21,350 value for $2,999.

In his webinar, he tells his life story and how he has helped many people. He also says he will help you create a resume for many interviews.

One area in the quality control he could use help with is that he has bullets #1 and #4 repeated. That is sloppy not only on a resume but on a website also.

He makes many claims in his webinar. One is that a person can work two jobs and make over $250,000 annually. He says also that the money spent on his course is tax-deductible. It’s unclear whether the IRS will agree with that in all cases.

He says his book Hacking Your Way To The Job Of Your Dreams: The Cybersecurity Career Handbook is a best seller. But as of this writing, it’s ranked 1,897,223 on…


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